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Darin & Bob N - Bubye Valley- hunt summary
Darin with her fantastic
buffalo bull
Bob with Darin & her buffalo
Darin's buffalo - what a trophy!
Darin with the team &
her second buffalo

David A - Ngamo Safaris - hunt 2 - hunt summary
Buzz measuring an ele print
Sable watching closely!
David & Buzz watching a
herd of ele
David & his elephant bull
Buzz with David and his
elephant bull
Velvet Spider

Sergey Z - Dande Safari Area - hunt summary
Dugga boy down!
Sergey with his buffalo
Alan & Servgey with his
trophy bull
Sergey & his warthog

Patrick L - Dande North
Patrick getting in some
target practise
Myles with Patrick & his tuskless
Patrick & his waterbuck
Patrick & Myles carrying out the waterbuck carcass
'Heppy' Birthday Patrick
Patrick's hyena
Patrick with his baboon
Patrick & KP - bird shooting
Patrick & his guinea fowl
The team with Patrick's warthog
Patrick & his impala
Ele coming & observing the team
Lunch on the shores of the Zambezi
Patrick's tiger fish
Patrick & camerman Ray


Morten & Sander S - Dande North - hunt summary
Sander & Morten with his
dugga boy
Morten & the team
Sander all covered up!
Morten with Sander & his klipspringer
Sander's with his bushbuck
Morten & Sander's with his
zebra stallion
Sander's baboon
Sander's impala

Chris J - Dande North & Dande Safari Area - hunt summary
Chris & his ele
Chris and the team
Chris's impala
Chris & his baboon
Chris with his buffalo bill
Chris & the team
Sausage tree flowers and fruit
Sunset over the valley

Mitch K - Dande North & Dande Safari Area
Blake & Mitch with his
buffalo bull
Mitch & his impala
Mitch's baboon
Mitch & his bushbuck on the shores of the Zambezi
Mitch's porcupine
Mitch with his grysbok
Mitch's sable
Mitch watching a wild dog
Client Comment - Mitch K

I'm just about over my jet lag and finding it very hard to be enthusiastic about being back at work. Still reminiscing about Africa and already thinking of another trip in the near future. Blake, thanks for your time during the 10 days. I appreciate all your effort and enthusiasm towards all of our hunts and myself. I could not have wished for a better experience than you gave me, I can't thank you enough. Would have been great to get that zebra and kudu but I think we had already exceeded our expectations so I will forgive you for drop kicking those shooting sticks haha

I have so many amazing stories that I have been telling everybody and can't believe what a great experience it was. So thanks again for spending the time to make sure I always had the perfect camera shot and a safari filled with great hunts and memories I will never forget.
I am currently writing a story for Trophy Hunter magazine so I will send you a copy when it is finished.

If you ever decide to come over to oz maybe I can take you on a Safari!

Mitch glassing the valley

Nicholas K - Dande North & Dande Safari Area
Nick & his baboon
Nick with his impala
Nick's buffalo bull
Nick with his kudu trophy
Client Comment - Nicholas K

PH - Lance Nesbitt
Rifle - Sauer 202 375 H&H
Bullets - Hand loaded Woodleigh 270gn PP and 300gn solids.

Lance and I had tough time of it in the first 6 days, finding it hard to pick up fresh dugga boy tracks.  We did push around a few herds, but the abundance of eyes makes it real difficult to look over the whole herd before they head for the safety of the Jess.  We finally had some luck on day six by bumping into a nice Kudu bull. The following day we had an long enjoyable stalk following up some dugga boys, which we bumped a few times in the jess.   When we eventually got upper hand on them the shot was unable to be taken due to a 5cm mopane shrub rising right through the vital area as the bull stood facing on at 45 degrees.  Had he been side on there would have been a shot, but that's hunting. By the end of day 8 I was facing the real possibility that I may not secure a dugga boy.  However, some fantastic tracking on day 9 had me taking a partially obstructed close quarters shot off my behind and under the jess at a nicely curled dugga boy.  A cautious follow up combined with a healthy dose of patience and my trophy was secured.

This was my first cape buffalo hunt and it certainly wont be my last as it is a very exciting and addictive experience.  Long days spent tracking up and sighting buff without a shot just makes you more determined to get out there and try harder the following day.  A big thank you to Lance and his team for their hard work and for detailing their tracking methods and the diverse fauna and flora of Africa. 

CMS run a very professional outfit with comfortable accommodation and obliging staff.

Seth H - Dande North & Dande Safari Area - hunt summary
Ned with Seth & his fantastic
kudu bull
Seth & his tuskless
Lone ele
Seth & his impala
Seth with his duiker
Seth with his first baboon
Seth, Gwen & Ned with his impala
Seth & his 2nd baboon
Seth - holding the sun in
his hands
PH Comment - Blake Wilhelmi

Seth was accompanied by his parents and Laura. We had a blast of a hunt together. Seth being an excellent shot bagged everything with one shot kills. Ending up taking a hyena, duiker, buffalo, tuskless, PAC ele, kudu and a few impala and baboons. The team was kept busy as we hunted until the end trying to bag an eland. Compliments to Ned and Laura for the hard kilometers they walked accompanying Seth on his hunting experience. Great hunt with great folks.

Clint W - Dande East & Dande Safari Area - hunt summary
Clint & his bushbuck
Clint's tuskless
Clint & his dugga boy
The team with Clint & his
buffalo trophy
PH Comment - Alan Shearing

Day one on Clint's hunt, we followed 3 dagga boys, bumped them a couple of times in very thick jesse, came to an opening late afternoon and one good bull was standing +/-150 yards quartering on the shot went a bit low as we did not realize the distance, wounding it in the legs. We followed it for a day and a half and eventually killed it at midday. Tuskless was shot on day 5, a frontal at +/-10 yards. Perfect brain shot. There were +/-100 elephant. We saw on one walk on the Kamzidzi, 2 leopard, bushbuck, warthog, grysbok, 4 wild dogs and baboons.

We then tried for a leopard that was feeding on Blake’s hyena bait. It came in the morning and Clint had a shot at it. Unfortunately he missed due to a fault with his Swarovski scope/mounts. We tried the next evening and morning, without luck.

On the last afternoon we walked the Kamzidzi. Towards the end of our walk we flushed a 16” bushbuck which ran into two wild dogs, which chased it back down into the river bed giving us the chance to shoot it. Wild experience.

Mark & Claire P - Dande Safari Area - hunt summary
2 poachers caught from Mozambique
Mark & a truely fine double
Claire stuck in a "wait a bit"
Following ele bulls in the jesse
Claire with Mark & his old dugga boy shot with open sighted
H&H 500 at 80 yards
The team with Mark's buffalo
Mark & his much sort
after grysbok
Buzz, Claire & Mark
Claire & Mark with his perfectly brain shot ele at 25 yards
Buzz, Claire & Mark with his beautiful 45lbs ele bull,
shot on day 13!
Claire on '"the office"
Mark & Claire



Mike Wittet - Dande Safari Area - hunt summary
Myles with Mike & his
buffalo trophy
Mike & team with great dugga boy
Mike's fantastic bushbuck
Muno carrying the bushbuck out

Spence & Kristin S - Dande Safari Area - hunt summary
Cave paintings
Kristin & Spence with his buffalo
Lance & Spence with his
fantastic trophy
Nice bosses

Jytte & Julia M - Dande Safari Area - hunt summary
Alan & Julia glassing the valley
The team!
Julia & Jytte with her buffalo
The team with Jytte & her
fantastic buffalo trophy

Karl & Rebecca E - Dande East - hunt summary
Chartering into the valley
Karl sighting in
Rebecca & Karl with his
40" buffalo bull
Baboon family
Myles with Karl & his impala
Joseph Tukakosi with
Rebecca & Karl Evans

Joseph T - Dande Safari Area - hunt summary
Target practise
The hunt begins
Joseph's ele bull
The team with Joseph and his elephant bull
Buzz with Joseph & a nice
set of bracelets!
Stuck in a dry river bed
Lunch in the shade
Buzz with Joseph & his tuskless
Buzz with Joseph & his bushbuck
Baboons surveying their domain
Eagle passing overhead
We were winded!
PH Comment - Buzz Charlton

It was a pleasure to have Joseph a 2nd time. Joseph’s objective was to see lots of elephants, before shooting his. This is exactly what happened as we tracked and looked at 40 bulls which Joseph did in style with his new Verney Canon.

Joseph did himself proud with his walking on this hunt, and I enjoyed very much getting an insight into his very exciting and varied life between Japan and USA. We look forward to hunting again with Joseph.



Giovanni M - Chewore South - hunt summary
Rich & Giovanni with his
buffalo bull
Giovanni carrying some
drift wood
Giovanni's hyena
Giovanni & his tuskless
Rich with Giovanni & his waterbuck
Lunch in the shade!
Giovanni & his baboon
View down the river

Jay C - Dande North - hunt summary
Rich with Jay & his buffalo bull
Jay & his zebra
The team hanging bait
Rich building the leopard blind
Rich with Jay & his fantastic leopard
Jay & his leopard trophy
Waiting for the shot
Jay & his hippo bull
The team with Jay
Jay's hyena
Jay & his baboon
Sunset over the river
PH Comment - Rich Tabor

A good hunt with Jay, 41.5” buffalo bull on day one. Then baiting for Mr. Spots. Zebra on day 3, only 1 female on the baits but with a few nice toms hanging around where we had baits. Day 4, big tom on bait, blind built and waited in the blind at 4:30 pm. Leopard in at 5:45pm and Jay whacked him standing on the bait with a perfect shot, perfect footage by Justin again and a 7ft, 16” skull male leopard. Rest of the hunt was hyena on day 7 then down to the river for hippo and croc. Day 10 big hippo bull down, once again a perfect shot by Jay and footage by Justin. Then to the crocs. We saw lots of good crocs, 12-13ft models and one which I think would have been close to 14ft but he evaded us. We it was a pleasure to hunt with Jay and a good hunt with lots of success.

Brent H - Dande North - hunt summary
Brent & his buffalo bull
Brent's hyena
Brent's leopard caught
on trail cam
Brent with his well
earned leopard
Brent & his warthog
Brent's bushbuck
Brent & his huge impala
Sunset over the valley



Jonathan C - Dande North - hunt summary
Blake & Jonathan with his
first buffalo bull
Jonathan & the team in a hole made by elephant
Jonathan's honey badger
Jonathan & his impala
Jonathan & his civet
Jonathan's duiker
Jonathan & his hyena
Jonathan with his
second buffalo bull

John F - Dande North
John with the team & his buffalo
Luke with John's buffalo
Luke with John & his tuskless
John & his tuskless
Client Comment - John F

Arild & I had a great hunt, very good organisation, camp food, staff etc

Charlie was a great person to take care of the logistics, and keeping the camps in top shape. We were specially satisfied that this was a REAL HUNT and we had to work for our trophies. Both Lance & Luke did an excellent job and everything worked out real well.

Jerry & Hunter B - Dande North & East - hunt summary
Jerry with Hunter & his
elephant bull
Hunter & his buffalo bull
Herd of buffalo
Rich with Hunter & his fabulous 45" dugga boy
Hunter's zebra stallion
The team with Hunter
& his hyena
Hunter & his baboon
Wild dog watching closely
Hunter with his trophies
Lunch on the shores of
the Zambezi
Father & son fishing
Jerry & his huge tiger fish


Dugga Boys Hunt - Dande - hunt summary
Hunters - Mike Jines, Guy Gorney, Kelly Gill, Casey Terry, Bob Schofield, Russell Marshall, Rob Jolly. Special Guest - Richard Harland.
PH's - Buzz Charlton, Myles McCallum, Alan Shearing, Blake Wilhelmi

Nice herd of buffalo
Casey & his tuskless
Guy's tuskless
Blake congratulating Guy
on a job well done!
Richard - what a hat!
Guy's old sable bull
Elephant coming out the bush
Mike & Casey admiring
their equipment
Russell & Casey
The team with Russell
& his Kudu
The team with Rob who shot the buffalo that had killed a villager
Huge baobab
The dreaded buffalo beans
Rob & Buzz chatting
Kelly taking the tail from his tuskless
Russell, Richard & Kelly with
his tuskless
Alan, Casey & Kelly
Checking tracks by Moz pan
Bob relaxing during a hard
day hunting
Bob, Guy & Myles having lunch
Alan with Casey & his dugga boy
Mike's coup de grâce
Mike with his tuskless
Mike, Guy & team at sunset
Poached ele cow with the
tusks taken out
Buzz removing bird traps
Richard & Kelly with Russell & his wonderful one horned dugga boy
Rob's buff bull
Alan with Kelly & his buffalo bull
Myles with Casey & his bushbuck
Nice ele bull track
Fabulous to see
A fine selection of whiskys
Had the pleasure of Richard's presence for the duration
of the hunt
The Dugga Boys



David & James A - Dande North - hunt 1 - hunt summary
David's buffalo bull
Dragging lion bait
Alan, James & David
with his lion
David's beautiful bushbuck
David's 41lbs elephant bull
James & David with his trophy
James & his leopard
James - thrilled with his big cat
David with James &
his elephant bull
The foot on James's ele
Bushbuck coming to drink
Father & son with their ivory

FB - Dande East
FB & his fantastic old leopard
Close up of the head,
an old scarred face
Thank heavens for the missing tooth -
Blake's bite may have been much worse!


Client Comment - FB

i am sending this email to thank you all for the great experience and all the organization and attention which you guys presented me with.

Since my arrival in Harare until my departure home everything was according to plan, no surprises and all and all an awesome experience. Lance was an great company to have with and a very knowledgeable PH. We had a fantastic time and Blake and Jonathan , who were with us for the hole experience , just added more to the memories and fun that we had.. Thank you!


Christian von S - Dande North - hunt summary
Leopard caught on trail cam
Christian & his leopard
Christian - super excited!
Christian with his old dugga boy
Christian & his baboon
Christian's klipspringer
Sunset over the valley

Tom, Eli & Calvin B - Dande Safari Area - hunt summary
Calvin & his buffalo bull with incredible bosses
Calvin & his zebra
Calvin's impala
Eli with his hard earned buffalo
Eli, the team & his hyena
Eli's baboon
Eli with his duiker
Eli & his hyena
Tom with Morgan looking at
cave paintings
Tom with the team & his buffalo
Tom & his kudu bull
Tom's warthog
Tom after bird shooting 2 big guinea fowl
Tom & the team
Tom with his impala
Tom next to a pan

Tyler S - Dande North - hunt summary
Tyler & his leopard
Rich holding up Tyler's leopard
Tyler & his sable
Cobra alert!

Doug C - Dande North - hunt summary
Doug with his hippo bull
Blake & Doug with his buffalo
Doug's croc
Doug & his 2nd buffalo bull

Al & CJ R - Dande North - hunt summary
CJ & Al with his hippo bull
Blake with Al having lunch
Blake & Al
Al with his baboon
Al & Blake in the leopard blind
Leopard caught on trail cam
Al & his fantastic leopard
Al with his civet
Blake, CJ & Al at the
entrance to camp
CJ on the Zambezi
Blake with Al & his vundu
Blake & Al with his BIG tiger fish



Stephen B, Gavin Rorke Safaris - Dande North
Stephan with his hippo bull
Stephen & his trophy leopard
Stephan's leopard
Stephan & his lion

George & Theresa DB - Dande North - hunt summary
The team tracking
Ele managing with part of its
trunk missing
Stuck in the sand
Possible target
Waiting for the shot
Hard bosses
Theresa & George with
his buffalo
Buzz, Theresa & George
with his buffalo
Theresa looking through an unusual tree
The team with George's duiker
George & Theresa with their
backs to the valley
40 what degrees??
Parrot in its nest
Theresa - soaking up the sun
Theresa & George

Jan de Wet - Dande North - hunt summary
The de Wet's
Jan with his impala
Jan & his buffalo bull
Catching a few z's

Rudie & Ruan de Wet - Dande - hunt summary
Alan with Ruan & his hyena
The team with Ruan
& his hyena
Lunch on the banks of the Zambezi
Tangle of roots
Ruan & his buffalo
Rudie & Ruan with his klipspringer
Ruan & his klipspringer

Mike C - Chewore South - hunt summary
Mike & his tuskless
Mike's trophy
The team with Mike & his elephant cow
Delicate bufferfly

Terry P - Dande North - hunt summary
Chartering to camp
What a view
The team & pilot, Giles
Mukanga Camp
Glassing the valley
Terry playing tsoro,
a traditional game
The Mukanga River
Crossing the shallow river
Terry ready for lunch!
Buffalo in the valley
Terry takes his shot
Myles with Terry & his trophies
The team with Terry & his buffalo
Terry & his double buffalo bull trophies
Recovery team arrive
Loaded up & off to camp

John & Laura C - Dande East
Myles, Laura & John checking the water hole for tracks
Tracks at the water hole
Catching 40 winks
in the shade
John & his duiker
Elephant spoor
Laura & her trophy elephant bull
John with Laura & her trophy
Laura & John with elephant
in the background
Nyati, Laura & John
with his impala
Breakfast along a dry river bed
Tracking along a dry river bed
Water, easy to find just below the river beds surface
Laura & John with his
trophy buffalo bull
An angry chameleon
The team crossing a
shallow river
John & Laura - a fantastic hunt!
Client Comment

We enjoyed a wonderful hunt with Myles, Justin, Bongi, Eddie,and Criton the first 2 weeks of April. We started in Dande East for Laura's elephant bull. She was successful on April 3 after tracking the bull for 37 miles over the 3 days. Laura stepped up and made a perfect off-hand side spine shot at 30 yards as the bull walked out of the Jess. 375 H&H Mag with a 300gr North Fork solid passed completely through.To see the trunk go up and the butt go down was the culmination of 2 years of planning, shooting practice, apprehension, and dreaming! We will especially remember Day 2 when we walked with, and in and out of a large elephant herd for over 5 hours. We shouted down a cow charge and saw bulls fighting-great theater!!

After Laura's elephant, I started buffalo hunting.We tracked dagga boys daily and found my big boy on the 3rd day. He was bedded with a small herd in very thick jess that Bongi and Criton led us to. We waited at 30 yards for 45 minutes before they got up and started moving. As the bull's black silhouette passed through a tiny jess tunnel I shot and then chaos as the rest of the herd ran past us at 5 yards! Laura and the trackers had crawled into the jess behind us in the mayhem. It was all over in less than 30 seconds when we heard the death bellow. The bull had gone less than 40 yards in another direction and folded up. He was killed with a 416 Rem mag using a 400gr North Fork soft.

A nice duiker finished our hunting in the East and we moved west to the Makanga camp. The Zambezi Valley is spectacularly gorgeous in April as everything is green and blooming.However, antelope don't come easy as it's very difficult to see anything. A young impala ram for the table ended our shooting as kudu and warthog continued to elude us.

This was a great trip without a hitch from start to finish and we feel blessed to have been able to do it. Thanks to Myles and all the staff at CM Safaris and a special thanks to Justin Drainer.

Marty & Sue Vick - Dande North - hunt summary
Sue enjoying the cool
bush morning
Marty & the team with his elephant bull
Video: ele bull
Buzz, Sue & Marty with his ivory
Eddie skinning the elephant
Marty glassing the valley
Sue & Marty with his zebra
Lunch in the shade
Buzz & Marty with his tuskless
Video: tuskless
Dinner braai
Justin & Sue cruising the Zambezi River
Egrit on the banks
of the Zambezi
Sue game viewing
Hippo pod



Andrew T - Dande North - hunt summary
Lunch in the shade
Elephant down!
Andrew with his elephant bull
The team with Andrew &
his elephant
Andrew & his trophy
Rich cutting up elephant meat
Elephant meat kebabs
The team with Andrews tusks
The Ivory
Sleek little snake

Zdenek Sedmik & Petr Holoubek - Dande Safari Area - hunt summary
Zdenek with his elephant bull
The team with Zdenek
& his trophy
Petr with his elephant bull
Petr & his trophy

Dave & Casey T- Dande Safari Area - hunt summary
Casey with Dave & his
first buffalo
Dave with the team
& his impala
Rich & Dave with
his 2nd buffalo
Casey & Dave with
his 2nd buffalo
Rich & Dave with his hyena
Rich & Dave with his tuskless
Play a short version of Dave's tuskless video
Rich & Casey with his zebra

Alex D - Dande North - hunt summary
The hunting vehicle in a
field of flowers
Elephant shot in self defense
Buzz & Alex tracking
Alex's fantstic ele bull
Buzz with Alex and his trophy
Eddie holding the
elephants foot
Healed bullet wounds
from poachers
Butterfly on elephant dung
Alex with an old madala who walked miles without shoes
Buzz gives the madala his
favourite hunting shoes
Madala's new shoes,
modified Crocs
Wild Flowers
To prevent animals being killed or wounded by poachers as Alex's elephant was, please help by supporting DAPU.