Name Terry P
Myles McCallum
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Present Safari

Dande North - Double Buffalo


375 H&H
350gr Northfolk

PH Comment

We started off spending 3 days hunting buffalo along the Angwa river but were getting on to them too late in the morning so we decided to try more open country. On the 5th morning we picked up tracks of a smallish herd and followed for 2 hours. We found them at a spring and we had a perfect position. Terry shot a nice old 13/14yr old dagga boy and shot him with a perfect heart lung shot. He only went 2 yards. The herd stayed, so a second bull was taken, also a perfect shot. The bulls died only 10 yards apart. Excellent marksmanship and a very intense hunt.



Client Comment

I had hunted buffalo before but it was not true buffalo hunting. This experience was what I had wanted and hoped for. This was true buffalo hunting with long days on tracks and many encounters with the herds. Some days you got lucky and we were able to approach a herd at a pan undetected. Myles and the trackers did an outstanding job and I was able to take my two buffalo. I can’t wait until my next hunt with CMS.

- Terry, May 2014



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