Name Mike Wittet
Myles McCallum
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Dande Safari Area - Buffalo


.375 H&H

PH Comment

Our 10th that Mike and I have taken together. We were lucky enough to spot a really good bull in a heard of about 120 animals on the 3rd day. Then he gave us the slip but was not so lucky on the 4th day. Mike made a perfect shot at 60m through the top of the heart the bull on went 15m and collapsed. A bushbuck on the 5th morning was the icing on the cake.



Client Comment

Another memorable safari with Myles, and Muno’s team. Some walking, and really great stalks as per normal. The country side in the DSA really adds to the experience, magnificent and awe inspiring. The buffalo stalks were rewarded with a find old boy, and the 15.5 bushbuck was a great finale. Thanks so much Myles and Buzz and I’ll be back.

- Mike, Sept 2014



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