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CW & AW - Charara - hunt summary
CW with his hippo
CW & his baboon
Buzz with AW & her impala
Buzz with CW & his bushbuck

BK - Hammond Ranch
BK with his zebra stallion
BK & his eland
BK & his first kudu
BK with his second kudu
BK & his buffalo bull
Client Comment

PH: Len Taylor
Previous Safari: None
Present Safari: Hammond Ranch Buffalo and plains game
Rifle: .376 Steyr, Winchester .375 HH, Remington 7mm
Bullet: see below.

Day 1: We started the morning running into a decent sized herd of Buffalo, maybe 75, followed twenty minutes later with a group of six good sized bulls. We weren’t thirty minutes into the hunt and we were just getting a glimpse of the quality of buffalo on the Hammond Ranch. Tracked and stalked a couple of eland under the watchful eye of a couple of giraffe in very thick brush, the giraffe wouldn’t let us get into a shooting position. Right after lunch stalked to with 40 yards of a 400+ herd of buffalo we passed on the bulls that had stayed at the back to face us down. There was an awesome young bull, bosses were still soft, but we guessed he was over 40” already.

Day 2: We stopped and glassed a group of dugga boys all of which were worth taking. We decided to get going we as a leopard hidden away somewhere near by started to grunt at us. We stalked up on the bulls while they were working their way across the dry river basin, picked the one we thought was the best and took him while he was waiting for the others to get up the far embankment. My first shot hit in the shoulder, maybe a couple inches lower then I wanted at about 40 yards. He turned and started running towards us, I broke his jaw with my second, mistiming his head movement and spined him with my third at 15 yards where he collapsed. More on this and bullet selection at the bottom. With the pressure off we could take our time getting at the plains game we were looking for.

Day 4: Spotting a group of Kudu moving through the brush we gauged the wind and worked our way around to for a better approach. After a fair bit of work Len couldn’t have put us in a better position. We were perpendicular to the path the animals were following. We just had to wait for the does to go by. TF took his Kudu at about 35 yards.

Day 5:  We were tracking three Eland bulls for a couple of hours before we finally caught sight of them moving on the fare side of the river basin. We dropped down and hurried along the basin. When we crested the rise they were out of sight. Charles found the tracks quickly and started pursuing. We spotted them again within about ten minutes and took the largest of the three bulls on a quartering away shot at 160 yards. That river basin was to be our friend yet again this day. After lunch we were cruising along the river when we spotted some Kudu on the far side. We got out of the vehicle expecting to find their tracks and proceed to track as had been usual. As we were nearing the far embankment Charles signaled that he could hear them moving around up top. Inching our way up the embankment, sure enough, there he was maybe 20 yards away.  Two kudu in two days and both over 53”, awesome.

Day 6: It turned out that this was going to be another double. I the morning we were on our 8th stalk of a Zebra. They seemed to be the most aware of all the animals we can across. Seemingly more so than even the Impala. We were about an hour into the stalk as they started to head into some deep bush. Waiting to see where they were going to go they turned around and started right back towards us. Not only did they turn around but the stallion was unusually in the front of the pack. He sensed something and stopped allow us to take him from about 50 yards away. After lunch, we glassed a very nice impala. Terry execute another long stalk, his 5th on an impala, and took the buck he was after. I don’t know how far the shot was, I had hung back to make sure that I couldn’t spook the animals.
That was it for me. I had what I had come to Africa for. We would spend the next 4 days using every trick in the book to take this bush buck that Terry wanted. Unfortunately, we were unsuccessful. I cannot thank Len Taylor, Charles and Moses (our PH, Tracker and Driver respectively) enough. The amount of work that they put in to get us in the best possible positions to be successful truly does them credit. They were awesome and I can’t recommend them enough.
So, bullet selection. This is very important. On one of my rifles has only one option for manufactured ammo. While I am not going to bash anyone here, I will say that my PH was very negative in his views towards that particular ammunition because of the bullet. In fact he believed that had I “… a proper bullet your buffalo wouldn’t have gone another 10 yrds from your first shot.” When the skinners got into the buffalo the bullet had shattered against the shoulder and even though it broke the shoulder it didn’t slow him down much at all and had I not placed my third shot right where I needed it we might still be looking for him. My PH also said, that this particular bullet has cost his clients a lot of game. Dig into and get hard answers from your guide and PH on ammo, particularly the bullet, it makes a very real difference. I ended up using my PH’s .375 HH with Swift A Frames for the eland and kudu.

MA - Forrestry Area
MA & his buffalo bull
MA & his kudu
Eddie with MA & his ele bull
MA's second trophy bull
Buzz with MA & his 46" sable
Client Comment

This safari started at DSC convention 2016 as I stopped by CMS booth and chatted with Buzz about their different elephant safaris. That night my wife and I were having dinner and Buzz stop by our table and said that he had just had a cancellation and had an opening to hunt one those big bulls in Kazuma. After we worked out the details we were set for October 2016.

Buzz picked me at the airport on October 16 and we were off to Kazuma which is only 1 ½ hour drive. Before we got to camp we had to stop at the Parks office and fill out the proper paper work and find out where we had to pick up our Game Scout. It was then we found out that permit for our elephant had not arrived (they only had 10 months to issue the permit) but that is Africa. They assured us it would be there the next day. After arriving at camp we had a few sundowners and a good dinner I got some much needed sleep.

Day one we had decided we would look for Buffalo and planes game since we didn’t have our elephant permit. Within the first hour we found a nice old Kudu bull and the first trophy was in the salt. Around 11:00 we found tracks of two Dugga Boys and we decided to go have lunch and to track them later that day. We arrived back at the tracks at around 3:00 and at 3:25 we caught the two bulls resting in the shade. Buzz said the one was a good bull not real wide but huge bosses and sense it was several left on quota we could take a second one if we wanted. One shot at 120 yds and the second trophy was in the salt.

When we arrived back at camp our elephant permit had come and we were told that it was another one left on quota if we were interested. They said it would take a couple days to get the permit so we agreed. It would not cost anything unless we took a second bull so why not.

Over the next eight days we tracked and passed over 200 elephants with one having only 1 tusk that we were sure weighed over 70 lbs but we had not gotten the second permit  yet. I want a nice pair of match ivory so I passed. On day 10 we tracked a group of 6 bulls and one we thought would go over 50 lbs that we decided to take. My 1st shot was a little high and just missed the brain and Buzz backed me up and my second shot hit the mark and he went down. I finally had the big Kazuma I had dreamed about for many years. The rest of the day was spent butchering and hauling out the meat.

The second permit had arrived so we were after elephant again on day 12. Just like the days before we found plenty of fresh tracks follow. We split up and 2 trackers followed 6 bulls and Buzz, Criton and I followed 2 bulls. It wasn’t long before we caught our bulls but it was nothing worth taking. The other trackers had radioed us and said they had seen a bull that we should look at. They gave us their location and we set out to find them. When we got to the trackers the bulls had moved and joined up with some more bulls and then split again and one group we followed didn’t have the bull we were looking for. While we were looking over the first group the other bulls had gotten our wind.  We picked up tracks on the second group and after a long hot track we found the bulls resting in the shade. We could tell the bull was larger than the 1st bull I had taken and it was my decision. The bull was behind a small tree and we waited about 20 minutes when another bull off to the side got our wind. The bull turned and gave me a side brain and this time the bull went straight down.

That night we celebrated our success and made plans for the rest of the safari. I told Buzz I would like to get a big Duiker if we could find one and of course Buffalo. Buzz said they had a Sable left if I was interested. I had booked a safari in the Kafue area of Zambia for 2017 which have the biggest Sable in all of Africa, so I told Buzz it would have to be a monster Sable before I would consider taking one.

The next day we found the duiker I had been looking for.  We had seen a couple of really big herds of buffalo that were moving in and out of the park and it was a couple groups of Dugga Boys we had seen tracks of  and it was plenty of sable to look at and some bulls in the 40” range. We had enough buffalo around to keep us busy but just couldn’t find any really big bulls. On day 14 late in the morning we found spoor of a group of Dugga Boys where they had drank at one of the pans. We went back to camp had lunch and a siesta. Around 3:30 we headed back to pick up the spoor and before we got to where we were going I spotted a herd of Sable and one bull really stood out! He looked considerably bigger than anything we had seen. We stopped and glassed him for several minutes and Buzz and I discussed how big the bull was and figured we better take him. As soon as we decided to take him he gathered his herd and started moving off. We were only a ¼ mile from the Botswana boarder and that’s where they were headed. We managed to cut them off several times but it was another very good bull in the herd and we wanted to make sure we got the right one. Finally the rite bull stopped at 100 yds and I had a magnificent 46” sable.

This was safari was one of the best if not the best safari I have ever done. Buzz and everyone at CMS took care of every detail from start to finish. Anyone looking for a great elephant safari can’t go wrong here.

PL & JL - Dande Safari Area - hunt summary
PL & his tuskless
PL with his warthog
JL & his tuskless
PL with JL & his baboon
PL & his buffalo bull
PL with JL & his buffalo trophy

OT - Dande Safari Area - hunt summary
OT & her first hyena
OT & her impala
OT & her kudu bull
The team with OT's kudu
OT & her 2nd hyena
OT & her baboon
OT & her zebra stallion
OT & her 3rd hyena
OT & her 4th hyena

PS - Dande Safari Area
PS & his first buffalo bull
PS's second trophy bull
PS admiring Patrick Mavros's 100lbs ivory,
similar to the one PS shot himself a few years ago.
PH Comment

I hunted with PS 15 years ago and we tracked and killed a very big lion. It was a great surprise and pleasure to have Pavel back for a late season triple buff hunt. There were LOTS of dugga boys and we got 3 nice ones including a great 40" bull. After tracking for 2 days, we got to within 15 yards before PS shot him. It was a great hunt with a hugely accomplished hunter! I look forward to hunting again with PS - but hope it does not take another 15 years for him to come back!!

Client Comment
3 nice dugga boys in 5 days of excellent hunting. Thanks Buzz camps and organization was excellent - I will be seeing you again!

JH - Hammond - hunt summary
Buzz with JH & his buffalo
Buzz with JH & bush pig
JH & his stallion
JH & the buffalo cow that was injured in a snare
JH & his eland
Buzz with JH & duiker
Buzz with JH & his giraffe
JH & 2 impala
JH & his wildebeest
Buzz with JH & his hyena

RD - Dande Safari Area - hunt summary
RD with his first tuskless
RD with the team & his
second tuskless
Guinea Fowl
Smoking bees to get to honey

RB - Dande Safari Area
RB & his hippo
RB with his leopard

CW - ZAMBIA - hunt summary
CW's hippo
CW's puku
CW & his hyena
CW & his leopard

LBB - Dande Safari Area
Len with LBB & her leopard
LBB & her tuskless
The team with LBB & her trophy
Len with LBB & her hyena

PT & GU - Dande Safari Area - hunt summary
PT & his buffalo bull
GU with PT & his tiger fish
GU & his tiger
PDP with GU & his buffalo bull
GU & PT with their trophies

MV & SV - Dande Safari Area - hunt summary
Buzz with MV & his hippo
Home away from home!
Buzz with SV & her cat fish
MV & his cat fish
Nice bream!
Buzz with VM & his tuskless
VM & his bushbuck
Kaptenta fishing boat

JA, JLA & NA - Dande Safari Area
Myles with JA & his first
buffalo bull
The team with JA & his
second buffalo bull
JA & his trophy elephant
JA & his tuskless
Alan with JLA & his
trophy elephant bull
The team with JLA & his tuskless
NA with JLA & his buffalo bull
JLA & his croc
The team with JLA & his croc
The c ommunity helping carry
the croc up from the river

KG & Family - Dande Safari Area
KG & Family
Ele stalk
Buzz with KG & his elephant
JB with HB & his leopard
The team with KG & his
Birthday Celebration!
Buzz with Easton
Lori & her impala
Lori with her baboon
Client Comment

I arrived in Zim via Emirates (DFW-Dubai-Harare) on July 3.  I took my wife, Lori and 18 year old daughter, Easton, so Lori could try for a buffalo (her third trip to Africa, second with CMS) and so Easton could be exposed to third world culture, travel through a couple of international airports, and see Dubai on the return trip, all as a high school graduation gift to her.  If I were concerned about safety, I would not have taken this precious package.  We flew in a Cessna 206 from Harare to Pedza on July 4, which took about an hour.  We moved to the Mururu Camp which Buzz and I agreed upon last January.  I love this camp in the trees.

It was a ten day hunt for two non-trophy elephant for me and Lori was trying to get a buff.  We tracked buffalo every day, both single and multiple Dugga Boys and herds, walking 8-12 miles each day on track.  We had multiple stalks on buffalo, probably 10 or so, and Lori took one shot through thick limbs and she had the bullet deflected by one on the way to the old buffalo bull for a clean miss.  Bad luck.  We ultimately failed on buffalo, but it was not due to a shortage or sighting or tracking of buffalo or lack of effort by CMS, Buzz or the trackers.  Having hunted most things of interest on earth, I would attribute our lack of success mainly to the blustering and inconsistent winter winds and just bad hunting luck.  Lori took it great and still had a wonderful time.

In just a total of a day of hunting for me, I still killed two non-trophy cow elephant, which makes more than 20 for me.  Buzz and I have proven to be able to kill an elephant about every day or day and a half through the years of killing more than 20 elephant together and I saw this hunt as no different.  We saw many elephant and tracked multiple small herds, which, as you know, is the usual drill.  As reported on AR, we also saw zebra, many kudu, duiker, grysbok, multiple leopard and lion tracks, had a leopard jump across the road right in front of the Cruiser, eland, baboon, hyena, many Impala, and a 15+ foot rock Python, in the middle of the day.  This is actually more plains game than I've seen in past safaris by a considerable degree, but then I am usually tracking elephant every day and looking at the ground.

This was my third trip to Dande (December 2010, June 2014, and this trip).  I saw the most game on this hunt and certainly the most buffalo.  I would offer that DAPU's efforts are evident in the more abundant plains game.  We did remove 20 or so snares in two different locations while tracking buffalo.  Dande offers a wild African hunt in the Zambezi Valley for buffalo.  It is certainly no South African ranch hunt, it is not a Save Conservancy or Bubye Valley hunt, and it is not even a Selous Game Reserve hunt, meaning it is more challenging and, in turn, more rewarding.  I came home in 2002 from a 10 hunt in Tanzania with zero buffalo, from Alaska in 2009 with no grizzly (I had two permits), and from British Columbia in 2013 with no grizzly.  That is hunting and just part of the game.  It is challenging and there is a risk of failure.  I frankly think Lori's experience was a fluke and the CMS experience for the year has proven that theory.

I do know that you get maximum effort from CMS and Buzz.  All aspects of the controllable issues were not just adequate, but were excellent.  This was my 14th Safari including Tanzania, Zim and South Africa (once).  This was my 6th safari with CMS.  I was very pleased with my hunt which ended on July 15, arriving at DFW on July 17.  We had no problem in Dubai, no problems with customs anywhere and no concerns about security.  Zim is having a cash crunch, but it is always having something.  In 2005 I was hunting in Chete with Buzz and there was a presidential election going on.  It did not affect our hunt or my travels.

JB & HB - Dande Safari Area - hunt summary
JB with HB & his leopard
HB & his kudu bull
JB with HB & his sable
The team with HB & his croc
HB with his hippo bull
On the shores of the Zambezi
JB's tiger fish
JB's big cat fish

DO - Dande Safari Area
DO with his leopard
The proud team with DO & his lion
DO & his trophy lion
Client Comment
We had a truly great experience. Len and his crew were awesome, the accommodations and food were wonderful. Everything was more than we expected and we will highly recommend anyone to come to CM Safaris for the experience of a lifetime.

KW - Dande Safari Area
KW & his kudu
KW with his civet
KW & his baboon
KW's hyena
KW with his buffalo bull
KW & his bushbuck
Baby sand grouse
Client Comment

Excellent hunt, good trackers and crew. Guide was on point at all times. Managed to hunt a good number of animals. No hassles, very accommodating.

GW - Dande Safari Area - hunt summary
GW & his buffalo bull
GW with the team & his trophy

BM - Dande Safari Area - hunt summary
BM tracking across the river
BM with his baboon
Alan & BM with his elephant bull
BM & his fantastic trophy bull

JJ - Hammond Ranch - hunt summary
JJ with his zebra stallion
JJ & the team with his buffalo cow
Hanging bait
Leopard blind
JJ & his leopard
Rich with JJ & his fantastic trophy
JJ looking over the valley
JJ & his zebra stallion
The team
JJ & his eland
Buffalo charging!
JJ & his wildebeeste
JJ with his klipspringer
Rich & JJ with his buffalo bull
Inside a large baobab
JJ & his giraffe
JJ & his second buffalo bull
JJ fantastic trophy bag!

NF - Dande Safari Area - hunt summary
NF with his baboon
NF & his bait buffalo cow
NF's fantastic leopard
NF & his leopard
NF's buffalo bull
NF & his hyena
Tiger fish

OT - Dande Safari Area - hunt summary
OT & her impala
OT's hyena
OT & her buffalo bull
OT's leopard
OT & her trophy

DP & CB - Hammond Ranch - hunt summary
Hammond Camp
CB ready for his hunt
DP & his buffalo
CB with his buffalo
Runde river
CB with his zebra
CB & his impala
CB & Courtney
CB klipspringer
CB with Buzz
The red cliffs

JT - Hammond Ranch - hunt summary
JT starting his safari
JT with his impala
Stones protecting a baobab from elephant
Buzz with JT & his wildebeeste
Red Cliffs
Buzz with JT & his 1st zebra
JT looking over the valley
Buzz doing a perfect star jump
The team with JT & his eland
JT's buffalo bull
Buzz with JT & his buffalo bull
Kudu bull watching the team
JT's elephant bull
Buzz with JT & his trophy bull
JT & his 2nd zebra

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