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Gus - Ngamo
Elephant tracks along the road
Lone ele
Buzz with Gus & his fantastic
66lbs ele bull
Relaxing in the shade
Watching another herd of ele
Gus with his second
61lbs trophy bull
Gus & his sable
Gus cooling off
Gus & his first kudu bull
The team watching a herd of buffalo
Fantastic herd!
Buzz with Gus & his giraffe
Gus with his first dugga boy trophy
Buzz with Gus & his second
kudu bull
Gus & his first eland
The team with Gus & his second buffalo bull
Buzz & Gus with his second
eland trophy
Gus & his 66lbs tusks
Buzz & Gus - what a bag!

CN - Dande Safari Area - hunt summary
Mukanga Camp
CN with his kudu cow for bait
Glassing the valley
Lion spoor
The team hanging baits
The blind being built
CN waiting in the blind
Rich with CN & his lion
CN & his fantastic lion trophy
Rich with CN & his buffalo bull
CN & his eland bull

JR - Dande Safari Area
Alan & JR with his buffalo bull
The team with JR's dugga boy
JR & his tuskless
The team with JR & his trophy

DD - Dande Safari Area - hunt summary
DD with his dugga boy
DD & his impala
DD with his duiker

BF - Mozambique - hunt summary
BF at the entrance to camp
Sighting in
Target practice
On the shores of the Zambezi
Waiting in the blind
Plenty of choice!
BF with his crocodile
BF's baboon

JJ & BJ - Dande Safari Area - hunt summary
BJ with hs buffalo
JJ & his dugga boy
JJ & BJ with his zebra stallion
JJ & his tuskless trophy
BJ with his kudu bull
BJ & his hyena
Nice tiger fish BJ
JJ & his lovely tiger

JS - Dande Safari Area - hunt summary
Rich with JS & his non trophy bull
(taken off trophy quota)
Rich & JS with his dugga boy
Big old baobab
Rich with JS & his elephant bull
Elephant meat on the braai
JS & his buffalo cow

LS - Dande Safari Area - hunt summary
Collen with LS & his ele bull
LS holding up his ele tail
The team with LS & tuskless number 1
The team with LS & tuskless number 2
The team with LS & his hard earned leopard
LS with a non trophy bull
(taken off trophy quota)

DH - Dande Safari Area
DH & his dugga boy
DH's impala
DH & his fantastic sable
DH & his warthog
DH's 2nd impala
DH & his duiker
The team with DH & his baboon
DH & his grysbok

SW - Dande Safari Area
SW sighting in
Alan with SW & his hyena
Sunset over the valley
SW & his warthog
The team with SW
& his tuskless
SW with his buffalo bull
The team with SW & his
dugga boy
SW on the shores of the Zambezi
SW's tiger fish
Fishing haul
SW very close to a herd
of elephant

WK & KK with M - Dande Safari Area
KK sitting on the office
View from where KK
shot her hippo
WK with KK & her huge hippo
WK with his buff, 20 years after his first one with Buzz
KK with WK & his dugga boy
Buzz with M & his great buff
M with his hard earned buffalo
KK & her trophy baboon
WK on the river
Ele on the island
Sunset over the river
WK - Client Comment

In early August, my daughter Katharina, Maximilian and I hunted for buffaloes and hippos, together with Buzz Charlton, in the area of Dande. Although I had an aching foot injury, we did not cancel the hunting trip and flew to the hunting area. There was great joy of being reunited because we have not seen each other for 20 years. At that time, Buzz and I hunted successfully for elephants, buffalos and leopards. Since then, we always wished to go once again hunting together! On the Zambezi River, Katharina was the first who shot a hippo by a perfect gunshot (calibre 375 HH). The Zambezi River with its typical traditional indigenous villages brought back lots of old memories.

We then tried our luck in hunting for buffalo, starting from the Murumuru Camp. Tracking caused considerable pain for me and I would not have been able to stand it without painkillers and walking sticks, but the hunting passion has been prevailing! The third day I finally succeeded in shooting an old buffalo in a herd. Together with Maximilian we hunted in the surroundings of the indigenous villages, in the Buffalo Beans – however, without success. Only on the penultimate day, Maximilian succeeded in shooting a very good old “dugga boy”. What a joy  about this success!

Hunting together with Buzz and his trackers has really been a dream. His hunting instinct convinced us once again. He just became a little bit more cautious – especially for elephants he has great respect. This was not the case twenty years ago!

Thank you once again for the wonderful hunting and the good job you did. We are looking forward to meeting you again.

BH & DH - Dande Safari Area
BH & his tuskless
DH photographing the
cave paintings
Cave paintings
The team with DH & BH &
his crocodile
BH with his buffalo cow
BH & his tiger fish
DH's tiger fish
BH & DH at sunset on the Zembezi
BH & DH with his hippo
Great trophy
BH & his bushbuck
BH with his grysbok

DM & AM- Dande North - hunt summary
DM & his AM with his buffalo
Alan & DM with his sable
AM with her minnow!
DM's fantastic tiger fish

JB - Dande Safari Area & Save Valley - hunt summary
Rich with JB & his buffalo
JB & his kudu
Croc on the river bank
JB with his zebra stallion
JB's impala
Giraffe in the sunset
JB's bushbuck
Buffalo carefully watching
JB's wildebeeste
Rich with JB & his warthog
Overlooking the Zambezi Valley
Rich with JB & his eland
RIch & JB with his waterbuck
Glassing the river bank
JB's pair of wild pigs
Rich & JB with his monster kudu

JW - Dande Safari Area - hunt summary
The team
Luke & JW with his buffalo
JW & his hippo
Luc with JW & his sable

PL - Dande Safari Area - hunt summary
Birds eye view
PL with his buffalo
Alan with PL & his trophy
The team with PL & his tuskless
PL's zebra stallion
PL & his wild pig
PL with his baboon
PL & his warthog

AM - Dande North
Wild Dog
Leopard Track
Building the blind
AM & his fantastic leopard
AM - Client Comment

Many thanks for an excellent hunting experience. Watching the tom in the tree for more than 5 minutes and finally squeezing the trigger is the highlight of my hunting career. Everything was first class. By the way, a few pounds gained around the belly.

RS, CS, BS & RG MG - Dande Safari Area - hunt summary
Alan & BS with his buffalo
Myles with CS & RS with his buffalo
Walking the Maunde Valley
BS & his tuskless
Alan, MG & RG with
his buffalo
RS & CS with her buffalo
Rich with BS & his fantastic leopard
Alan with RG & his tuskless
Myles, RS & CS with her tuskless
Watching closely
RS & CS with her crocodile
Egret on the bank
CS sitting in a baobab
Myles with CS & her kudu
Alan with MG & her bream
Rich with BS & his hyena
The team tracking
RS with CS & her zebra stallion
CS - Client Comment

Undoubtably the most dedicated, professional and knowledgeable staff you'll find in a true Africa safari setting. Well-managed wildlife for optimal trophy, with long range plans to ensure continued hunting options. Superior videographer available to secure your legacy. Excellent food, engaging fireside conversation, beautiful trophies - I can't wait to go back!

TD - Dande North
Checking how fresh the dung is
Blake with TD & his buffalo
Celebrating a trophy in the salt
Up close with elephant
TD & his 3" duiker
Blake & TD with his
4" klipspringer
Water cascading into a cavern
Blake & TD with his kudu bull
TD & his hyena
TD & his tiger fish
TD & his trophies
TD - Client Comment

What could be said about CMS? They have a perfectly running operation, everything is just all right from logistics and camps, and including all details around hunting conditions. A highly recommendable place to go!

It was a pleasure to hunt with Blake, a very knowledgeable and persistent PH, and most of all a great hunter. A hunter of the type “who understand the whispering of the wind in the grass and know the smell of coming rains”. Because of this, it was a given that we had a really great 10 days spent together in Dande, and I have enjoyed every minute of that!  

Blake, thanks for your time spent together and I appreciate a lot your effort and patience!

Trackers Bonani and Shumani made some real magic with tracking and Agency our driver, was always there with a smile at the end of a long stalk.

Just a coincidence (a real “last minute” cancelation) that I get also a cameraman on my hunt. But what a luck! Ray Buchanan was our cameraman and he did some awesome footage, he was effectively “hunting” with us all the way.

Now back home, one appreciates even more the possibility to re-live and share those unique moments and feelings.

“Tatenda” to all!

RMT - Dande North - hunt summary
RMT & his buffalo bull
Blake with RMT & his trophy
RMT & his crocodile
RMT's hyena
Blake & RMT with his hippo
The team with RMT
Blake with RMT & his kudu bull
Still pool.

JC - Dande Safari Area - hunt summary
JC with his buffalo bull
JC & his zebra stallion
Alan with JC & his bushbuck

DM & PM - Dande Safari Area - hunt summary
DM & PM wih his beautiful
PM & his impala
PM with DM & his buffalo
DM & his trophies

CJ - Dande Safari Area
Glassing the valley
CJ & his fantastic leopard
Cryton holding up CJ's leopard
CJ with his trophy kudu

DT - Dande Safari Area
DT & his buffalo bull
DT with the team & his trophy
View from camp
DT - Client Comment

When I booked a 10- day buff hunt with CMS in the Zambezi valley I was keeping an open mind as to what to expect from the hunt and the experience of the valley. By the conclusion of the hunt I can honestly say that the experience surpassed whatever prior expectations I did have.

I hunted with Luke Swartz and it was an absolute pleasure to be in the bush with such an experienced and committed hunter not to forget our tracker Stuart of course who worked tirelessly. We had an amazing up close and very exciting experience with a huge old dugga boy which in the end was not to be my bull but gave me all the thrills one could ask for from buffalo hunting. I was very lucky to take an exceptional bull on day 5 after a very interesting day of tracking. A hyena along with a very nice Impala were secured as well.

So all in all a very successful hunt with a highly competent team in one of the most wonderful environments a hunter could wish to be.

TM - Dande Safari Area
TM's dugga boy
TM & his trophy
Alan with TM & his buffalo bull
TM & the team
Wild dog in the jesse
Carrying out TM's impala
Great memories!
DT & TM with their trophies
TM - Client Comment

First of all, a huge thanks to everyone at CMS for an awesome experience, the drive in to the valley off the escarpment, what a view, the camp and of course the hunting.

Hunting with Alan Shearing was a pleasure and a privilege and watching him and his trackers work their magic was quite something. One memorable day was tracking buffalo for 9 hours, got on the sticks but the wind got us again. We hunted hard for 6 days getting amongst buffalo, sometimes crawling on hands and knees, sweat dripping, mopane bees swarming and lots of tension, fantastic!

On day 7  I was lucky enough to shoot  a great old dugga boy in the thick jesse at about 20 metres[ the Pangolin bull from Buffalo Bend] perfect double gun scenario!

Great stories ie sleeping Impala, and great memories. I will be back with CMS to hunt dugga boys in the Zambezi valley.

JD - Dande Safari Area - hunt summary
JD & his leopard
Rich holding up JD's cat
JD & his buffalo bull
JD & his sable

WH - Dande Safari Area - hunt summary
Still morning
Stuck in a donga
WH & his buffalo bull
Buzz with WH & his trophy
WH looking across the valley
WH & his impala
Wild mushrooms
Buzz & WH with his warthog
Justin & Eddie holding a
large snake
WH & his trophy elephant bull
Buzz with WH & his trophy

TT - Dande Safari Area
TT & his impala
TT's hyena
TT & his buffalo bull
TT with the team
TT & his leopard
TT holding up his cat
Alan & TT with his trophy

BS - Dande Safari Area - hunt summary
Early morning tracking
Pit stop
BS resting in the shade
BS glassing the valley
A cigar with dinner
BS rehydrating
BS with his fantastic & well earned buffalo bull
A brilliant hunt comes to an end

MA & AH - Dande Safari Area - hunt summary
MA & his beautiful deep bull
AH & his tuskless
Alan & AH with his trophy

JJ - Dande Safari Area - hunt summary
JJ in Harare, ready to leave
JJ & Rich tracking
JJ & his impala
Glassing ele
JJ's fantastic trophy bull
Nice set of ivory!
Elephant hair bracelets
Spectacular weather!

JW - Dande Safari Area - hunt summary
The team tracking
Elephant rubbing rock
JW & his elephant bull
Excellent trophy bull
Buzz trying to get his shoe
out of quick sand
Huge Tiger fish!
Dinner on the shores of
the Zambezi River

MJ - Dande Safari Area - hunt summary
The team tracking
Cobra alert
MJ praying for big ele tracks!
Full pans in the early
season bush
Quite a worm
Looking out for tracks
MJ & his well earned trophy
Buzz with MJ & his
elephant bull


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