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JR - Nyakasanga
PH Comment - Alan Shearing

An amazing hunt. We saw more tuskless ele than I have ever seen, loads of buff and lions galore. Was so hot and dry through and many elephant and buffalo were dying every night. New lion kills every day, we saw lots of hyena, 1 leopard. Not a huge amount of plains game, but enough to keep to us happy. We must have seen 30 dagga boys and many herds of buff. I lost count of tuskless. JR’s Tuskless was shot on day 2 on a charge at 5 paces. Exciting stuff. We looked at lots of dagga boys, some 40” but lacked the qualities that JR was looking for. Day 6 we found the one. JR used his double and shot his buff at 32 yards in the chest. Perfect! Impala in the jesse proved to be tough, but a nice impala was taken on day 7. Day 9 MR took a great old buff with JR’s .458 Win Mag loaded with Nosler Partitions. What a great way to end the season with a great hunter and friend.

TC - Dande
PH Comment - Alan Shearing

On the morning of day 1, we started with one decent ele track which came in and ended up going out and into Botswana. We soon picked up 3 other tracks, one being a 26” tract at 9am. We followed and found them, 3 more had joined them totaling 6 bulls at 10am. One ele was clearly a much larger bull, but was facing away from us so the tusks could not be seen. The others ranged from 25-40lbs. we then looped around and came up to them from the other side and after a quick glimpse of the big bull, which I judged to be around 60lbs I said to TC –“He’s a good bull, but it is the first day. So the choice is yours.” He asked what I though and I said he should shoot it. It didn’t take much convincing before he agreed. We moved up to 20 yards and TC go on the sticks and went for a side brain. It staggered to the shot but never went down. But after a couple of shoulder shots he went down after 70 yards. A beautiful ele and fortunately too, as he was still the biggest we saw by the end of the safari. We continued to look for eles and big buff for the rest of the hunt. We saw 42 mature ele bulls, a few of which were in the 50-55lbs class. Lots of cows and young bulls. We followed plenty of dagga boys which were well educated, but we had fun chasing them. No exceptional bulls except one young bull in a large herd of +/-46. We saw 2 bat eared foxes, civet cats, lioness, some big sable, roan and a fair amount of other plains game.

BD - Dande
PH Comment - Keith Wall

BD joined us to hunt an elephant bull. We looked at a number of bulls for 3 days. We came across a bull with one tusk which we decided to take. We spent a couple of days on the Zambezi River at Matombo camp and hunted crocodile. BD too an amazing 13.5ft croc. Great hunt to end the season.

GP - Dande - hunt summary
EA - Dande - hunt summary
RH - Dande - hunt summary
MH - Dande - hunt summary
MW - Dande - hunt summary
OO - Dande
BH - Dande - hunt summary
BB - Dande - hunt summary
JC - Dande
Client Comment

I could not be more pleased with everything. Keith and his guys were great, very helpful and fun to be around. Camp and staff were great as well, excellent food and housing. All of my expectations were exceeded. Thanks everyone.

MA - Dande - hunt summary
FW - Dande - hunt summary
DS - Dande - hunt summary
EP - Dande - hunt summary
FC - Dande - hunt summary
PL - Dande - hunt summary
JT - Dande
SC - Dande - hunt summary
SR - Dande - hunt summary
JDC - Dande - hunt summary
DK - Dande - hunt summary
TW - Dande - hunt summary
DK - Dande
PH - Alan Shearing Comment

DK and his wife were absolute soldiers on this hunt. The walking was very tough for them, but they gave it their all!! We turned down 2 teenage tuskless on day 1. Then we only found small tuskless or large with small calves. The weather was overcast most days and the wind was terrible. On day 7 we went to the Maonde river hills and tracked a herd from 7:30am. They scented us and ran off. We continued to work on them as 4 tuskless were in the herd. They split up, but eventually we caught them in a valley and DK shot a tuskless at 4:30pm. Perfect frontal at +/- 30 yards. The 2nd tuskless was shot on day 11 after another long tracking session. She fell to a side brain at 22 yards. On day 10 we saw +/-70 elephant, 4 tuskless (2 large with calves and 2 teenagers). Good successful hunt.

DH - Dande - hunt summary
CT - Dande - hunt summary
AD - Nyakasanga
PH Comment

The most amazing hunt in Nyakasanga with incredibly nice people that focused on the quality of proper walk and stalk hunting. Nyakasanga has amazing herds of buffalo combined with the incredible Zambezi River and hunted out of a fly camp makes for a lifetime of memories. Really looking forward to this group coming back for a 3rd time.

GS - Save Valley - hunt summary
CH - Nyakasanga - hunt summary
BA - Dande
BA Comment

Just finished a 14 day (9 May - 21 May), Tuskless / Buffalo hunt in Dande East. This was my second trip to the East. As like the first trip, it did not disappoint! Despite tough conditions created by the current drought, the efforts of CMS to provide consistent water sources are showing. I was fortunate enough to take a very nice kudu, impala, warthog, jackal, Cape buffalo bull and a tuskless cow elephant. 

All animals were taken on “proper“ hunts. Nothing was shot from the truck and everything was earned by many miles of walking and sweat expended.  The trackers were challenged and succeeded in practicing their trade. All hunts/stalks did not result in a harvested animal, due to the tough conditions of the East with limited visibility, thick jess, sand ash and finicky winds. However, they were all successful in that we were able to close within range of all pursued quarry with only the wind requiring aborted tracking sessions.

A variety of game were seen daily - kudu, impala, warthogs, Cape buffalo, duiker, sable, roan, baboons, bushbuck, grysbok and elephant (a tuskless was in every herd we caught).  

Dande East has very nice, clean, comfortable accommodations with private chalets, hot showers and comfortable beds. The food was superb, as I think I gained weight despite the abundance of exercise. The camp is well maintained as are the roads in the core area. Transfer is very easy from Harare by either drive in or fly in. I prefer the drive into Valley to allow a full appreciation of the country. However, a very well maintained landing strip is available. 

I did take advantage of videography provided by CMS and as with my previous three safaris with them. I highly recommend this service as Justin Drainer is a professional photographer and videographer. He sees things with an artist’s eyes and provides a lasting memory of your trip, which leaves you to concentrate on the hunt and not have to worry about taking pictures. If you see something you’d like a picture of, all you need to do is ask, however he usually has already taken it. 

I would strongly recommend CMS and a trip to the East. I’ve had three successful safaris with them on four trips to Africa. I’m already beginning preparations for my next trip with CMS.