Name GS
Alan Shearing
Previous Safari

2010 Dande Ele

Present Safari

Hammond, Save Valley - Plains game


.416 Rigby Ruger
Federal T bonded

PH Comment

There was very little movement of elephant bulls during our 6.5 days. We found one a couple of times with a 24” track and some wear, but I don’t think his tusks would have even made 20lbs. On the first day we saw one that may have been shootable, but he did circles and crossed our tracks, then headed to Senuko. We got a glimpse of him as he was running off, but never got to see him again. We saw a few other young bulls. On the last day 4 big tracks came in and all was good. We were a kilometre from Senuko boundary, the dung was hot and the bulls were feeding. The tracks suddenly turned toward the boundary and the bulls made a beeline for Senuko. One of the anti poaching guys must have been patrolling through and bumped into the bulls, sending them running. We knew this as his tracks were on top of the elephants’. We just missed seeing them. Wish we had had more time.

Client Comment

We found the hunting area and camp well run. Unfortunately we were not very successful with elephant as not much was moving but that’s hunting. All in all a good experience

- GS, April 2019


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