Name DS
Alan Shearing
Previous Safari


Present Safari

Dande - Hippo, Tuskless


CZ550, .416 Rigby
Reloads Swift A Frame

PH Comment

We started in the East, and on finding no ele sign on day one we went to the Hunyani River at Chisunga School area and found a big pod of hippo. After a couple of hours of looking, we finally located a bull and set up for a shot. All went well, but the recovery was chaotic!! Hundreds of hungry people arrived for meat. It was quite the crazy experience. We moved to Pedza on day 2 in the afternoon, and walked through Matepatepa and found a big herd of elephant, but never saw a tuskless. The next day we found tracks of a small herd and followed for an hour before catching them. There was a tuskless which we shot side brain at +/-15 yards.

We collected a bushpig, grysbok and we failed on a hyena. Although we saw them, it was too dark to get a shot.

Client Comment

Excellent hunt!!

- DS, Sept 2019


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