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Buzz Charlton
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NYakasanga - Elephant Bull


.500 William Evans Circa 1919

PH Comment

CH contacted me about an elephant hunt in December 2018 and I only had one opening and that was in March 2019. This did not concern me as I love early season elephant bull hunts in the Valley.

CH brought out his beautiful William Evans .500 which was to celebrate its 100th birthday. The present it received was and elephant bull over 50lbs. however, the real present was the wonderful experience tracking bulls in the thick bush and turning them down.

CH and Justin all really connected and it was a remarkably fun and exciting hunt. Nyakasanga is full of old buffalo early season, and elephant hunting was challenging and rewarding. CH shot what is one of my most beautiful ele bulls from the Zambezi Valley ever!

We have plans to hunt another bull late next season in Mozambique which I am already looking forward to.

Client Comment

To hunt elephant the proper way, by following fresh, big tracks with good character, is the very essence of African hunting. From Sutherland to Taylor to Bell, the classic method still holds true – you take an elephant with your boots, not your rifle.

Buzz Charlton embodies and embraces this pure form of elephant hunting, and after watching his outstanding ‘instructional video’ on elephant hunting, I resolved to hunt with this remarkable PH one day.

That day came in early 2019 in Nyakasanga, bordering Mana Pools National Park. It was a special occasion, the ‘centenary jubilee’ of my William Evans .500NE built in 1919. I’d shot a lovely bull a decade prior, in 2009, on the Old Girl’s 90th birthday, so this was to be a 10 year follow up.

I wanted to experience how Buzz hunts, with two trackers and a skilled driver to Rendezvous the vehicle after a 6 or 8 hour walk, which we did. How much relief we felt to not have to walk back another 6 or 8 hours.

The tracking of numerous bulls. The amazing lush green bush of an early season. Turning down a 50 pounder only better him 5 days later. To hunt elephant the proper way, with Buzz Charlton. Those are my cherished memories. Thank you Old Girl for another great safari. Thank you Buzz for your diligence, skill and proper hunting ethics.

- CH, March 2019


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