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Len Taylor
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Dande - Buffalo



PH Comment

First 3 days we got into a heard of buffalo on the Moz border. Later on the third day we went to Matombo and shot a good bull out of a big herd there.

During the hunt it was very windy and we had a full moon, plains game was hard to find. I did see cheetah tracks at the solar pump and one big herd of sable.

We did have a shot at zebra unfortunately it was missed.

There is also one big sable bull on the Mahonde river at Tsetse crossing. The bushbuck was shot at Baboon spring. There also seems to be a lot of buffalo around.

Client Comment

I had a wonderful safari. Len and hi screw as well as the camp staff were second to none. I wanted to experience a true Cape Buffalo tracking hunt and Len delivered perfectly as well.

- MW, September 2019


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