Let's hear directly from Buzz on this matter:

After many years of predominantly hunting elephant, Len and I have come to the same conclusion… there is no greater game animal to hunt! We have both over many years developed fine tuned elephant hunting teams, in that we have probably some of the best elephant trackers there are in Africa today.

A team does not only consist of the PH and a tracker, it really is a lot more complex then that. It also involves a great driver, radios, GPS etc that trackers are comfortable to use. This all makes one a much more efficient hunter - which is essential if one is focused on getting a great elephant bull.

Our teams are passionate about hunting these amazing animals and at the risk of sounding arrogant, there are not many PH’s in Zimbabwe that can boast the experience we offer.

As of 2024 we have both decided that we want to only focus on hunting these large bulls. CMS is fortunate enough to have several tags for big elephant bulls in prime areas, such as Kazuma and Maitengwe.
These areas offer what I term “proper elephant hunting” - unlike Botswana, these are not spot and stalk hunts. These are tracking hunts which in my mind is the only way it should be.

If you are interested in hunting a big bull with either myself or Len, please drop us a line!

Below are some pics of some of our big bulls we have taken lately. We look forward to hearing from those wishing to experience the true essence of elephant hunting.