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Hunting Report 1

GS - Dande
BA - Dande
FC - Dande
ZN - Dande
JF - Dande
JT - Dande
TC - Dande
PH Comment - Buzz Charlton

Truly an amazing hunt. With the record rains last year the bush was incredibly thick and I thought we would struggle. Nyati and Criton tracked like demons yet again and we shot two beautiful buffalo in Dande East. There were huge amounts of buffalo in the East which was so nice to see. We also got a hyena and then we moved to the north in hope of more elephant and sable. While tracking elephant we stumbled into and shot a beautiful 41” sable. We also got a huge 16” bushbuck.  The elephant were proving hard. We found a massive track which we followed for 9 hours bumping into him four times without seeing his tusks. We then followed him again the next day for 7 hours and caught him – 20lbs/side…so disappointing!! We then hunted north where we knew there was some murula trees fruiting and after tracking and bumping a good bull we caught him again and TC gave him a perfect brainshot – the ultimate hunter. The last day was spent on the splendid Zambezi fishing and game viewing.

I simply could not have asked for a nicer client than TC. We hunted hard, we laughed a lot, we smoked a nice cigar by the fire every evening and as he leaves today, I certainly consider him a good friend and someone I really look forward to hunting again with.

Client Comment - TC

Buzz and his team provided a hunt of a lifetime. I enjoyed every second of the hunt. CMS Safaris far exceeded my expectations.  They over-delivered on trophy quality, work ethic and hospitality.  Thank you for an amazing hunt filled with memories to last a lifetime! Most sincerely - TC

TB - Dande
PH Comment - Alan Shearing

This was a tough lion hunt! 21 days of baiting and we did not get a big old lion to feed. We did see tracks of males that we did not see or manage to get bait on.  Lots of females and cubs and 4 males (4 – 5 yrs olds) on bait.  We had an incredible number of males, approx 11 leopard on bait as well as females. TB lost a buffalo cow so bait was slim at one stage, but managed to keep meat in the trees, thanks to Myles.

TB got a decent hippo bull, a 57” kudu, buffalo, big leopard, a tuskless and hyena.  We gave it everything we could, but just couldn’t find the right lion.

RG - Dande
LH - Dande
PH Comment - Alan Shearing

Another fantastic hunt with LH!  We got a call from Myles that he had a Male and Female Leopard feeding, so we rushed there and setup a hasty blind at approx.. 30 yards.  We entered the blind 3pm and by 4pm the leopards had arrived – they were nervous but the male eventually presented a broadside shot before disappearing from sight, which LH took perfectly with his 93x62.

On day 5, LH got his tuskless out of a huge group of elephant in some very thick jesse. He frontal brained her with his .470 perfectly with a cutting edge “raptor” bullet. Other trophies were an impala, 2 baboons and a zebra.  We were able to spend some leisurely days on the Zambezi fishing. Cameraman was okay too! Dan was really professional and helpful and a true asset to the hunt.

Great hunt and great time!

GE - Dande
PH Comment - Alan Shearing

Father and son, mother and daughter all hunted together with Mark and I.  We thought that it would be a big challenge, but as luck would have it, we had a fantastic hunt and all worked well. Some great trophy’s were taken and we all had so much fun. We saw loads of game everyday and collected all the trophies that we were after, despite being such a large group. 2 hippo bulls were taken, both out of pans. 2 Zebra. E got her elephant early in the hunt. G got his tuskless after the 2nd tracking session T shot a nice impala. The biggest challenge was buffalo which E took towards the end of the hunt. A great time had by all.