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DP & MN - Maitengwe
PH Comment - Buzz

This late season hunt in Maitengwe was one of my all time favourite hunts with two wonderful fellows who simply love hunting elephant!!

Long hours lots of tracking lots of laughs and two outstanding ele - it simply does not get better then this!

Client Comment - RM

Great experience, cannot be put into words!

Client Comment - SH

Great hunt! We had a fabulous time and were taken care of by real professionals, and now friends!

PH Comment - Keith Wall

It was KS’s first hunt with CMS for buffalo and tuskless. Lots of buffalo experience and great hunt with buffalo taken day 4 and impala day 5. We hunted hard for tuskless. Lots of elephant seen by we never saw a tuskless. Very thick and green bush this time of year but great hunt.

Client Comment - CR

Hunting the Dande East with Keith was an experience I will ever forget. I asked for a challenging hunt, in a truly wild free-range area and CMS delivered.  The attention to detail was amazing and the staff provided top-notch service.  Keith is an exceptional PH and provided memories that will always hold dear.

PH Comment - Keith Wall

This was the hunt that CR wanted where we tracked and worked hard for all of our trophies. Being CR’s first hunt with CMS, it truly was an awesome experience.  Look forward to our next - Nyakasanga Here We Come.

GV - Nyakasanga
Client Comment - BL

Another wonderful, hunt and adventure in Africa with CM Safaris. Terrific and capable Ph, Keith “Brick” Wall and his team. Looking forward to my next safari in 2024.

PH Comment - Keith Wall

This was BL’s one of a few safaris with CMS. We had a great buff hunt with BL taking a fantastic Duggar Boy at 40 yards, in some great hill country, We hunted hard for the sable, seeing a few herds, but no chance at a bull.  BL took a great Kudu bull on the last day.  Great hunt and great people.  Looking forward to the next one.

BP - Chewore South
Client Comment - BP

We shot an awesome elephant on day 4 of the hunt – we could not turn it down as it was a great Jumbo.  We spent the rest of the hunt sightseeing. Very professional from all aspects. Safe! Excellent animal opportunities.

JM - Nyakasanga
PH Comment - Alan Shearing

We had a great hunt, Tuskless shot on day 6. We saw around 200 elephant.  E made a perfect side brain on  his tuskless. We spent the remaining days hunting some plains game.  Such fun hunting with E and I look forward to next year in Nyakasanga.

PH Comment - Myles MCallum

A true “proper” Zambezi Valley elephant hunt! The temperatures were high and the going was tough but we did well and had an extremely rewarding hunt! In total we tracked and found 18 bulls in 5 days which I was happy with. On the 5th morning we found 6 bulls on the Irira river near the villages. They moved out of the villages mid-morning, and we got onto them around noon, as they were resting in the shade close by.  We finally got all six visual and chose the oldest looking bull with nice dark and attractive ivory. Of course, the was the bull who offered the most difficult shot. K took a frontal brain shot with his 450/400NE at about 35 yards – did not quite make it but did get close enough to the brain for the bull to stumble and allow for a relatively simple back up shot. K’s back up shots were good, and the bull only went 20 paces.

It was so good to hunt the old fashioned way, with someone who appreciates that and with a double rifle

PL & FF- DSA - hunt summary
PH Comment - Myles McCallum

Truly such a fun and high energy hunt, with two hunters who live their lives by the motto blood type B+! With a B+ attitude, great shooting and outstanding sense of humor, both P and F I thought did extremely well. A brace of excellent dagga boys, a good old elephant bull, a big old tom leopard, a massive kudu, big old hippo bull, bushpig and more in two weeks we really did have an excellent hunt. Rounded off with a bit of bird shooting – what more could one ask for? Dande really produced for us.

TP - Nyakasanga - hunt summary
Client Comment

I just returned from a 14 day tuskless/buffalo hunt with CM safaris in the Dande East area, and what an adventure! Being an outfitter and guide in Alaska, I wanted a true African safari experience like I've read about while growing up, and CM safaris delivered 100%.

Both hunts were rewarding physically, as we had long tracking days, and picked through a lot of game through the binos looking for the right size and age. Elephant on day 2, and buffalo on day 4, with numerous glimpses of different plains game in the area reconfirmed I was right in coming to hunt with these gentleman.

Accommodation and staff were top notch, I should know, I run two of these wilderness operations. I could have shot numerous other plains game, and ended up with a duiker, bushbuck and hyena to finish out the hunt.

If you want a true African safari where the bush is thick, the hunting is not canned, and if you are prepared to put in the WORK, you WILL be rewarded for it - This is the place for you...

P.S. Never bet against Buzz with the rifle, but try him in a game of golf sometime, and you just might get a little of your money back!! Thanks guys for a wonderful safari adventure, I will be back!

PH Comment - Alan Shearing

G wanted to experience buffalo hunting, so didn’t want to rush into shooting one.  Day one we saw a 40” in open mopane at 50 yards and turned it down.  We saw a few other good bulls around the 40’’ mark during the course of the hunt.  We were on buff every day except day 2.  On day 8 we found tracks of a herd (which were being followed by lions) early and by 0730am we caught them in fairly open ground. We chose a 38’’ bull and G took a quartering on shot at +/- 70 yards. He ran about 100 yards and went down and started bellowing. Two lionesses rushed up to and a group of bull ran in and chased the lions off before running off themselves.  A great way to end our buff hunt.  The next morning G shot a nice kudu bull. A great shot at about 300 yards.  The last day was spent looking for warthog, and although we saw a few we never saw a good one.  The weather was cloudy and cold and one day of rain on and off.

PH Comment - Alan Shearing

R got 2 impala rams and on day 1, so we managed to get 2 baits out before dark.  Day 2  big male leopard found our baits on the Mwonzamtanda River at 3h55pm and fed throughout the night until 830am.  We built a blind on day 3 and sat in the evening but he was educated, so we sat until 8pm and then left the blind.  We walked in the morning of the 4th day and found him feeding.  R made a great shot through his heart and he was dead within seconds. That afternoon we went for a walk along the Manyimo River above Mururu Camp, hoping to find bushbuck.  We happened upon a fresh ele bull track with lots of wear.  We tracked him for 30 minutes and came up to him. Turned out that he was exceptional, so made a final approach to 20 yards and R side brained him. What a great day.

We walked for Myles, looking for bushbuck, waterbuck and dagga boys, but failed to find any shooters.  We enjoyed some dove and grouse shooting.  We spent a day hunting hippo, but only saw 2 good bulls, but they were unapproachable.

PH Comment - Myles McCallum

This was a safari I had been looking forward to since my last hunt with PL! We had a really good fun group, PL with two other hunters, all “return clients” and good friends!

So for PL and I obviously, May is quite a tough time of the year for Buffalo, sable and plainsgame. By no means impossible just tougher than it would have been later in the year due to unseasonal late rain and very thick bush and abundant water.

It turns out that finding buffalo was no problem at all. The bulls in May are still with the herds as it si the tail end of the breeding season. Anyhow we followed one nice big herd in rolling country, and whilst getting around in front if them, happened upon an excellent single bull off by himself perhaps half a click from the main herd. PL was onto sticks and took the shot in no time at all. The shot looked good, but we waited half an hour and went to have a look. Soon we were onto blood and then another 50 yards and a snort and here comes the buffalo in a full charge! PL and I were able to stabilize the situation in short order thankfully!

With buff in the bag, we shifted focus to the sable.  We kept seeing tracks on the Mozambique border and after about 5 days of going back again and again looking for the sable … we finally bumped them late in the evening! PL took a frontal shot at an excellent old bull at 150m. A solid hit but just an inch or two off center. We followed until dark, no luck and then retuned in the morning. Kept going on the bull but he was on to us and kept moving ahead of us downwind. At last, after 8 hours, we go our chance and were able to finish him off.

PL is always allot of fun to hunt with – never a dull moment and it was so good to share a campfire with him again! I hope that we do not have to wait another five years to do the same again!

BC - Nyakasanga
PH Comment - Alan Shearing

Another hunt with B. We got and old hippo bill on day one in a pan. Brain shot, with .375.  Got some croc baits for a specific big croc, but he was too smart. So we got the 2nd biggest on a walk and stalk.  20 yard shot in the brain with .375. Buff we didn’t rush, we saw some good bulls, and then returned to an area where we same bulls on the first day.  After some walking we found their tracks and followed for about an hour and found them feeding. B Shot his bull with his double at around 50 yards. We then chased some plains game around and fished and shot some doves – all great fun.

PH Comment - Myles

DK’s fourth trip with us and this time the focus was a nice big old tom leopard! We were off to a flying start with a solid shot on a buff one hour into the first morning! Unfortunately, whilst a solid shot, it was a little low breaking the front right elbow. The buff kept moving away from us downwind sticking the extremely thick bush along the Mukanga River. Seriously dangerous and exciting stuff – and this went on for 8 hours! Finally, we got to see him and concluded matters in our favor!

So, with plenty bait we were able to start looking for a leopard. I was after a specific tom, and on day 5 we got him onto bait. Being a wily old character, he was onto us, and it took a couple nights and some blind modifications to get him into the tree. DK made no mistake and the stunning old tom died right below the bait.

We also had the absolute privilege and delight of opening the pedzapasi primary school which CMS had fixed up with DK’s $$$! (video's at the top of the page) Lots of happy and appreciative kids!

So, another really rewarding hunt with DK – not only fun to hunt with … there is always more with DK! He and his family have really taken to the kids in Dande and have done so much for them and I think will do more.

AT - Nyakasanga
PH Comment - Amir Turk
After passing over on a couple of buffalo bulls that were still young and immature, on day 4 we cut a single fresh buffalo track at about 7am. We followed this for an hour and a shot presented itself at which point Michael put in a great shot at 8 yards.

We had some wonderful sightings, seeing the big 4 in a single day as well as seeing the famous elephant bull from Mana, Boswell
AR - Nyakasanga - AR report
FW - Ngamo
Client Comment

Another wonderful hunt with CM Safaris. Had excellent days of tracking elephant bulls, with the amazing trackers Criton and Nyati. Hunting with Buzz was a great and unforgettable experience. Elephant hunting, by tracking them as it should be. I look forward to another hunt with CM and Buzz in 2024.

PC - Nyakasanga
GE - Nyakasanga
Client Comment

This year we went hunting in Nyakasanga with Alan and David in the last two weeks of March. The first three days were really difficult because of heavy rain during the night, followed by unfavorable road conditions in some parts of the area. United we made the best of it and so we had hunting success even these hard days.

Some days heat and very high humidity pushed us to our limits during our game drives. But with persistence and endurance Alan set an example we all followed. So we managed to have great hunting experiences even on these extra hot and muggy days.

On a walk back from a stalk - in addition to great plains game hunts - we were lucky to spot an imposing hippo bull in a very big lake. We took the opportunity and I was able to shoot the bull at 60m with a frontal brain shot - a great and exciting experience because the bull was very nervous and threatened to notice and attack us.

In two exciting and thrilling buffalo hunts, we also had great success: T. was able to kill her very first buffalo with her .416 in a thick bush at 15m - under difficult conditions with a perfect shot. We still wonder how Alan spotted the buffalo in this dense bush and brought T. so close. It was an unforgettable experience for her, which will remain in her memory for the rest of her life.

After a two hours stalk, E. was able to get a very well placed shot with the .416 at a great buffalo. Nevertheless a search was necessary, where E. was able to attach two more good shots. One can imagine that a buffalo search is connected with particular tension. By the end, E. had to rely completely on her PH Alan, who kept E. within shooting distance to the buffalo very professional and with great care.

In this 14 days of hunting we saw countless elephants and stalked about 9 or 10 bulls - four really strong ones being tagged. Finally we were lucky and able to spot a suitable elephant bull at the last hunting day - taken by frontal brain shot with 500 Jeffery. Every single day we got an insight in Alan's great experience with big five - all time he gave us a lot of self-confidence and safety on this great dangerous game.

The camp is located right next to Zambezi and fulfils your stay with fascinating moments - a marvellous and exciting experience. Sometimes lions, hyenas and elephants track through the camp. Alan, David and their crew, as well as the entire environment create this hunt to an unforgettable, amazing adventure. It's a perfect location with breath taking natural scenery and extremely nice and competent.

Greetings to Zimbabwe

VA - Nyakasanga
Client Comment
I have hunted ele twice in Zimbabwe.This was my third ele hunt and first time with Buzz. I had a hunt in the jesse that I had dreamed of. Thank you to Buzz and his team to fulfill my dream.
MJ - Ngamo
PH Comment - Buzz Charlton

I have had the pleasure of hunting many safaris with JM all of which have been a great success and a lot of fun. In fact every safari seems to exceed the last in these departments. JM wanted a large bodied bull hunted in good traditional tracking, culminating in a clean close brain shot. After tacking and turning down several bulls, we found the perfect candidate. A super old ele bull.  All mean and proceeds were utilized as is always the case. I so look forward to our next hunt, next year with a super nice gentleman who has become a good friend over many years.

Client Comment

I have lost count of the many wonderful safaris I have shared with Buzz and CMS. Each one has been a treasured memory. Having hunted numerous Zambezi Valley Elephants in the past I wanted to experience the thrill of hunting the larger bodied bulls found in the western part of Zimbabwe. It was an incredible experience. Hunting elephant is always a humbling and introspect experience. This hunt was no different. I sincerely thank Buzz, Myles and team for sharing their time, and skills with me and showing me the people and places of Zimbabwe.

EW - Dande
PH Comment - Buzz Charlton

It was a pleasure to guide R & E on an early season ele bull hunt. It a real eye opener for R & E realising the benefits and the negative aspects of Rural Zimbabwean living along side elephant.  Seeing a crop that is feeing the family for a year destroyed in a night, then seeing the highs of all the villagers collecting any cap of mean from the hunted ele.  I could not have asked for nicer clients and look forward to a leo and buff hunt in the future.

Client Comment

The crew was fantastic.
We felt at home and welcomed.
They tried their best to get us all our species.
Buzz and crew was great and went above our expectations. Will return and recommend. Thanks Buzz!