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CM - Dande Safari Area
CM & his fantastic lion
Alan with CM & his first buffalo
CM with his klipspringer
CM & his 2nd bullao bull
CM & his warthog
Alan with CM & his third buffalo
CM - Client Comment

After several safaris in Africa this was my first with CMS safaris in Dande where I was accompanied by my dear son Carlos Miguel and PH Alan Shearing. After placing the baits on the second and third day, the night came a beautiful lion, quickly the people made the blind, great professionalism commanded by Alan all thought to have success in the hunt, Alan did not eat anything at lunch gave to think that it should be a magnificent animal, we went to the blind at 4 o'clock in the afternoon, there were flies at 5 o'clock and a young leopard entered 5:30 a.m., sing some birds 6 o'clock Alan touched me on the shoulder, I looked at the scope almost at night but I got it see the lion and without wasting time I shot, and saw that it had been a good shot we waited a bit and with the lanterns we left the blind in direction to the river, 70 meters after the bait there was dead the magnificent lion, everyone was happy many hugs a lot of dancing many smiles, and lots of photos was an unforgettable hunt.

Day number 6 we started on Buffalos at 11:30 a.m. I hunted my first buffalo on the seventh day started my son with his buffalo hunt, only on day number 12 I got a magnificent dagga boy. Again I went back to hunting my last buffalo that I just managed to hunt, at 10:30 am on the last day of hunting.

I liked to say that the buffalo hunt was hard but exciting.

These hunts are the true hunters, I wanted to thank the whole organization of CMS safaris, a special thanks to Alan.

JR - Dande Safari Area
Alan with JR & his fantastic elephant bull
JR's trophy bull
lion sunning themselves
JR's tuskless
Owen with JR & his tiger fish
JR & his tiger fish
DS - Dande Safari Area - hunt summary
DS & his buffalo bull
DS with his bushbuck
DS's hyena
DS & one of many impala
DS with his tuskless
WK - Dande Safari Area - hunt summary
WK & his hyena
WK & his buffalo
WK will his klipspringer
WK & his impala
WK with his warthog
WK & his kudu
Self defence ele
Mrs K with her tiger fsh
Fantastic trophy bag
CM - Dande Safari Area
York with CM & his tuskless
The team with CM's kudu
CM & his fantastic buffalo bull
York with CM & his buffalo
MM - Zambia
mm's baboon
MM & his hippo bull
MM's & his beautiful old dugga boy
MM's fantastic leopard
MM & his hyean
the team with MM & his buffalo bull
the team with MM & his puku
MM's croc
MM - Client Comment

This hunt may have ruined me!

I sign up for a Buffalo, Hippo, and Croc hunt, with no Leopard.
In camp, I'm offered a deal on Leopard, too good to pass up, so now I'm Leopard hunting too!
Take my first Hippo, my first Croc, and my first Cape Buffalo! Awesome!
Pick up a great Hyena and Puku along the way; having an amazing hunt!
Checking Leopard baits along the way, and seeing Leopards regularly during the day!
Day 5; Two big male Leopards on our baits!!! Build a blind and sit that night on the bigger cat's bait.
Day 6, in the full morning light, I saw what is, surely, the most awesome thing I've ever seen while hunting; A Huge Tom Leopard standing right in front of our blind, and then walking in front of us on his way over to the bait tree (grumbling all the way; awesome to hear!)
Up the tree he goes; Minutes later I have a trophy of a lifetime laying in front of me!!!
After pics, and checking him over for quite a while back at camp, I could barely stand letting them take him to the skinning shed!

What am I going to do now, that could possibly equal or rival that hunt?
I'm sure I'll try, but I can say, I now fully understand the "Leopard Obsession" (Thanks Buzz!)

Thanks for a life changing hunting experience!

OT - Dande Safari Area
OT & her baboon
OT with her kudu
OT & her hyena
the team with OT's 2nd baboon
Hanging baits
OT & her fantastic lion
OT's 2nd hyena
ele feeding
TS - Dande Safari Area - hunt summary
TS & his buffalo bull
TS with his tuskless
GW - Dande Safari Area - hunt summary
GW & his fantastic leopard
GW & his hippo bull
GW & his buffalo bull trophy
Len with GW & his tiger fish
JM - Dande Safari Area - hunt summary
Alan with JM & her buffalo bull
The team with JM & her buff
The younger JM & her guinea fowl
FJ - Dande Safari Area
FJ & his buffalo
Alan with the team
FJ & his impala
Alan with FJ & his second buffalo trophy
JS- Dande Safari Area - hunt summary
JS & his fantastic leopard
JS's leopard
JS & his waterbuck
JS with his zebra stallion
G & T DB - Dande Safari Area - hunt summary
The team with GDB's tuskless elephant bull
GDB & his buffalo
The team with GDB's hyena
TDB with the tema - bird shooting
RS - Dande Safari Area
Len with RS & his buffalo bull
SN & TH - Dande Safari Area - hunt summary
Buzz lost a bet - head shaved
leopard track
Ele tracks
TH with his ele
SN & his ele
The team
ZH & LB - Dande Safari Area - hunt summary
ZH with his warthog
ZH & his kudu
York & ZH with his first buffalo
ZH & his second buffalo
ZH & his third buffalo bull
LB & his crocodile
LB & the team with his buffalo bull
Charara Flycamp Hunt
Fly camp
Charara buffalo bull
Charara bushbuck
Big croc
Charara hippo
Charara Waterbuck
Charara Client Comment
we really really enjoyed our safari in the Charara. The fly camp was awesome infact…was the best african hunt we ever had!
We are also looking forward to see you and Myles in Salzburg
RS, CS & ES - Dande Safari Area - hunt summary
RS with his impala
RS with a huge python!
RS & his fantastic ele bull
cooking elephant kebabs with Eddie
RS & his hyena
RS with his tuskless
bird shooting with the team
Alan & CS
CS with her impala
Alan with CS & her tuskless
CS & her fantastic leopard
RS having an afternoon snooze
Butch with ES
Butch with ES & his fantastic leopard
Butch & ES with his buffalo bull
the team with ES's hyena
ES filming
RS Client Comment
A fabulous hunt! Fantastic accommodations and excellent meals & staff. The concessions were loaded with lots of Elephant, Buffalo, Leopard & Lion. This is my 3rd time to this area and CMS management program is working. Bonus opportunities for Zebra, Sable, Impala, Hyena and Kudu. PHs were top notch and trackers unbelievable.
FW - Dande Safari Area
FW & his ele bull
FW's fantastic trophy
FW & his buffalo bull
close up of the bosses
Client Comment
Fantastic hunt for elephant on foot in Dande East. Wonderful time in two amazing camps with all the comforts that are needed. For the PH (Len Taylor) and trackers hunting seems to be their passion!
CN & SL - Dande Safari Area
SL & SL Jnr & his impala
CN Jnr & CN
SL Jnr & SL with his buffalo
Buzz, SL & SL Jnr & his impala
CN Jnr & his guinea fowl
CN & his impala
fire ants
DT- Dande Safari Area - hunt summary
DT & his fantastic sable
Buzz with DT & his klipspringer
DT & his zebra stallion
DT with his tuskless elephant
HA - Dande Safari Area - hunt summary
HA & his sable
HA & his duiker
HA with his hippo bull
distribution of hippo meat from the air
HA's tuskless
RS - Dande Safari Area - hunt summary
JS in the boat with his croc
JS with the team & his croc
one big croc
RS & the team with his buffalo
RS & his buffalo
Ross & RS with his buff
JS & his hippo
RS with his bushbuck
JS & RS with his tiger fish
Ross & RS with his croc
JS & his hyena
JS with her buffalo bull
JS & her fantastic leopard
MB - Dande Safari Area
GC & MB arrive at camp
York with MB & his buffalo cow bait
GC with MB & his impala
MB & his duiker
MB & his zebra stallion
Waiting in the blind
York with MB & his fantastic leopard
York holding MB's leopard
GC with MB & his hyena
GC with his wild cat
York with MB & his hippo bull
MB with his jackal
MB Client Comment
The hunt was everything you told me it was going to be (rough, hilly, rugged terrain)you really had to work for every animal harvested but we had a blast!.  You are truly blessed to have such great people working for you. York was so much fun we arrived as strangers and left as old friends. The cooks, server,  trackers, skinner,  and PH were the best I have hunted with in Africa. The food was stunning and so tasty. My only regret is we had to leave that beautiful camp overlooking the Zambezi river! Breathtaking sunsets and hippos calling all night! I will be back with my daughter (just not sure at Mutombo camp) she is Maybe you can keep me in mind I would like to get a large Croc & I would like to get my daughter a Kudu & Leopard. Hope your family is well. Be safe have a great 4th of July! 
TM - Dande Safari Area - hunt summary
TM with his bushbuck
TM & his tuskless
Alan & TM sharing a joke with his tuskless
Alan & TM with his hippo
TM & his hyena
Sable in the cross hairs
TM & his sable
BC - Hammond Ranch - hunt summary
BC's zebra stallion
BC & his impala
The team with BC & his buffalo cow
Bird rescued from a net trap
The team with BC's wildebeest
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