Name BC
Alan Shearing
Previous Safari

2008 & 2011

Present Safari

Hammond Ranch - Palinsgame


.416 Rigby Dakota rifle, VC 500NE
Barnes triple stock, Hornady

PH Comment

Hammond was very thick and green, saw lots of game. Weather was great until the last few days. Lots of rain. The leopard let us down; had one male feed for 10 days, but we decided he was a bit too young. Another 4 big male leopard kept walking past baits. I assume they were not hungry as prey species was so plentiful. Unfortunately Bill wound a big buffalo bull, which we followed for 4 days, but eventually lost its track. Very sorry and sad for Bill. Food was exceptional and the camp was great. All in all, it was really nice to hunt with bill again and look forward to the next one.


Client Comment

to come

- BC, June 2017



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