Name HA
Buzz Charlton
Previous Safari

Buffalo & Leopard

Present Safari

Dande - Tuskless/Sable


.470 Ferlack & .375 -338
Federal Factory TSX

PH Comment

This was BA’s 2nd safari with CMS and my first with him. We came to the East and did the whole hunt here and had a great time and successful safari taking at massive Tuskless, a super sable, duiker which BA really wanted and a monster hippo buck. We also saw a 46” dugga boy that we nicknamed Chuck Norris, which BA had a crack at, but a single branch defected the bullet. We ended up following him for a total of 15 hours in 2 days until he crossed into Mozambique. With this big bull in mind, BA will return in 2 years’ time. We all had a great time with BA. Roll on 2019.


Client Comment

Another outstanding hunt with CMS. The accommodations and client care were exceptional. All aspects of the camp, hunt and equipment were top of the line. The professionalism of the crew makes for an enjoyable experience, making me want to schedule a return trip.

- HA, June 2017



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