Name G & T DB
Buzz Charlton
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Elephant Buffalo

Present Safari

Dande - Tuskless & Buffalo


500 & 404
Hand Loaded

PH Comment

What a wonderful 12 days with G & T whom I like to call “my favourite observer”. We set out to shoot a non-trophy elephant bull and I achieved my lifelong dream of finding a tuskless bull. G frontal brained the bull in true style, what an amazing trophy.

From there G decided that we should look for an old dagga boy. This started a marathon in the terrible sand ash. We tracked several dagga boys and caught them several times each day but visibility was zero in the sand ash and combined with the fact it is so noisy they got the better of us. We did catch one 44” bull asleep but he was too young. Eventually as these things happen we tracked an old dagga boy late evening and caught him in the wide open and he dropped in his tracks. Stunning old warrior.

We did our best then of converting T from observer to hunter and we seem to be getting her on the right track as she got her first trophy - a guinea fowl!

Hyena was also on G’s list and several sittings later had G shoot a beautifully ugly old hyena.

Such a pleasure hunting with you again and I hope we will do it for a 3rd time in the not so distant future.


CS Client Comment

This was my second hunt with Buzz and his crew.  The first being three years ago out of the Pedza camp and this one being in Dande East out of the Karunga camp.  Like the first trip the accommodations, service and meals were great.  Criton, Nyati and Eddie were fantastic again.  Taking the tuskless bull at 26 yards with a frontal brain shot was amazing.  Seeing the back legs buckle and the trunk fly up is quite the sight and instant confirmation (as well as relief) that you made the proper shot.  Tracking a lone old dugga boy for several hours and catching him late in the evening as he was up feeding was a lot of fun and it wouldn’t have happened without Criton’s incredible tracking.  I have thoroughly enjoyed by two hunts with Buzz and look forward to a third hunt with him hopefully sometime in the not too distant future. 

- GDB, July 2017

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