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Alan Shearing
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Dande - Tuskless & Buffalo


Merkel 470 NE Double

PH Comment

Tony shot his old buff on day 2 with his double. Perfect set up, big herd feeding toward us and Tony’s bull came up on our side of the herd and presented a shot at +/-60 yards. Tony got two shots in and the buff ran into the herd which all stood around. He died without even bellowing. We then hunted for Tuskless and saw quite a lot of elephant, one small one and a few broken Tuskless cows. On day 6 we found a big herd on the Maonde River which had a good Tuskless. They were in the sand and was difficult to get close, so took a frontal at 40m, she staggered and turned and Tony got a second shot in the shoulder. She made it to the bank and went down. Great hunt and a great guy.

Client Comment

This was my second trip to Africa/Zim and this hunt was everything one could hope for. Saw buffalo each day that we looked for them, and the same with the elephant. Always dreamed of taking buffalo and elephant with a double rifle and Alan Shearing my PH made that dream come true by getting me in so close. Also tagged along with York (my mate’s PH) and enjoyed seeing my friend Craig take his buffalo on the last hour of our safari. I can also very highly recommend the camera guy Leonard who filmed out hunts. CM Safaris delivered on everything promised!!!

- TS, Sept 2017



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