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Alan Shearing
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Dande - Leopard/Tuskless


Winchester, Roger Green Customised
Hand Loaded

PH Comment

Tuskless came easy. Shot on day 2, close quarter in some jesse. We concentrated on a leopard that was eating goats in Manyima village. He fed the same night we hunt the bait. Sat 2 evenings but he did not show, walked into the bait one morning and saw him, but he ran off before Cindy could get a shot. The morning of the 10th we waked in to the bait just before 8am and he was lying in the grass. Cindy made a perfect shot. We spent the last few days looking for sable but had no luck, although we saw a good one in the DSA where there were none on quota

CS Client Comment

Hunting leopard with Alan Shearing was a highlight of my time in Zimbabwe. I learned the value of predator control necessary to maintain animal population balance in this beautiful country. The leopard I shot was killing villagers’ goats and needed to be shot. Far better than death by poisoning. My hat’s off to CMS and Alan Shearing.

- CS, July 2017


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