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Day before hunt; checked rifle zero.  Drove looking for game spotted 6 or so elephant and couple lone bull buffalo towards dark.  The bulls looked young but will try and find them again the next morning.

Day 1; 5 am start. Tracked a herd of buffalo around the 2 lone bulls area spotted the night before.   Had numerous close encounters often 25 to 30 yards away, but no bulls in the herd of 150 + that were old enough. That was quite an amazing expierence for my wife and I to be so close!  Just before lunch found some dugga boy tracks on the road, we followed them and they joined up with a small herd.   After lunch tracked the herd to where they were resting.  We found a nice bull laying in the center but the wind shifted and spooked the herd before he got up and gave us a clear shot.  Followed the herd for 1.5 miles or so and was able to get an open shot at the big bull.  Could tell he was hit hard and was trailing herd limping when they ran off.  Nearing the end of the day we followed his blood right away.  We lost blood for about 30 yards, when walking back to the last blood spotted, the bull decided to charge. The front tracker scrambled out of the way, I shot him head on in the chest and after that turned him our PH Jannie finished him off.  Quite a close encounter, fortuantly the first shot was a lung shot and he was moving more slowly than usual.  Regardless made for a pretty tense couple moments!

Day 2; 7am start.  Made a hyena bait site first thing.  Then proceeded to look for a herd of elephant tracks.  Walking the dry river beds produced a lot of sign but nothing fresh enough to follow. Saw Impala, Eland, and Kudu so a great day.  We ate my buffalo for dinner.

Day 3;  5:30 start.  Tetse’s were terrible this morning.   No interest in Hyena bait yet.  Saw a very big waterbuck.  Followed a fresh herd of elephant tracks in the morning but all were tusked.  We got very close and took lots of pictures. Followed another herd in afternoon but wind got us.  Saw a nice klipspringer and 4 female bushbucks while walking river bed near camp.

Day 4;  5:15 start.   We followed a set of tracks late morning but all had tusks.  We decided to walk down another dry river bed that afternoon.  Saw a bushbuck on bank closest to us.  When we walked up to have a better look right in front of us was a herd of elephants! We inched up to the lead cow that was tuskless.  I shot and the PH shot right after me.  She went down.  Everybody was excited until the dust settled and the herd moved off.  She was not laying there.  Followed blood but had to stop because of how late it was getting.  Its going to be a sleepless night.

Day 5;  5 am start.  Tracked the wounded elephant.  They never stopped running for a couple miles.  Blood basically disappeared after few hundred yards.  Worse yet they headed over the boundry to another area and were forced to stop and call the national parks to report what happened.  Everyone was disappointed.

Day 6;  4 am start.  Walked into the hyena bait.  Could here hyenas feeding while walking in but at first light none were there.  Shot an old baboon on our way to our first walk of the morning. We walked a river bed looking for bushbuck, Kudu, and klipspringers.  We found a dead porcupine and collected some quills.  A herd of Kudu cows came almost right up to us!  We spotted an old male klipspringer and after a short stalk was able to get it from about 90 yards.  Nice older male. They have very unique fur almost like our pronghorn in the states.

Day 7; 5:30 start.  Our main focus was plainsgame today.  Numerous stalks on impala but could not seal the deal.  It was very hot all day.  Did some walking around springs and riverbed for bushbuck and kudu but no success.  Did manage to shoot a large male hyena right at dark. Weighed about 110lbs. 

Day 8; 6 am start.  Another plainsgame day.  We stalked a herd of impala around 7:30 and was able to finally get a nice old impala ram.  We then drove to an area with numerous springs.  While we were walking and slowly proceeding through the area we saw many impala and warthog.  I was able to connect on an old warthog mid way through the stalk.  We sat at a spring for an hour but nothing showed up.  On our way back to camp spotted a group of Kudu cows.  They spooked a little but as we glassed them we discovered an old Kudu bull with them.  We did a quick stalk and connected at about 90 yards.  He was a very old bull with long white tips and his teeth were very worn down.  Everyone was amazed at what a day we had! We found out that day that we could take an elephant cow for the national parks people as well.  We walked for many miles in the evening for bushbuck but only saw impala and klipspringer.

Day 11; 5:15 start.  Stalked a duiker early but it gave us the slip.  We made our way up to the Zambezi to go Tigerfish fishing.  It was extremely hot.  Saw 50+ hippos and a few crocs.  We also had a small bull elephant mock charge us and scream at us from the Zambian side of the river.  My wife caught a nice 4 kg tiger and our 1 tracker got the only other fish.  My wife was very impressed with herself.

Day 12 6 am start.  Unfortunatly this was our day to leave.  We said goodbye to everyone in camp.  We took some trophy pictures with our skulls in the river bed.  Had a wonderful time and am already planning my trip back.  We boarded our charter for a quick day and a half trip to Vic falls then Proceeded home.

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