Name RS & JS
Ross Johnston
Previous Safari


Present Safari

Dande - 2 buff & 2 croc


.416 Rem, .458 Lott

RS Comment

Tremendously great hunt! Ross Johnston and his trackers, Fanny and Lucas and Gilbert were exceptionally competent, enabling us to find and kill outstanding trophies. They were expert in every aspect of the hunt. Finding and stalking buffalo, judging trophies in their cover, following and finishing a wounded bull. They were equally expert at hippo and crocodile. Very different than hunting purely land animals. I took an excellent buffalo with deep curl and 17” bosses, a 14” bushbuck and a monster 14’9” crocodile.

This hunt is the prospective and seasoned African hunt that hunters dream of. A 2000 square kilometer wilderness of rough African bush country, filled with truly wild game-Buffalo, Elephant, Lion, Leopard, Croc and Hippo.


JS Comment

Buffalo: the day began with a walk after a herd which was extended by the turning winds. After bumping the herd several times, we managed a stalk from down-wind. An old bull was found lying down and I was told to shoot. The vegetation made it difficult to see the head, so I shot him too far back. The bull fled into the river basin as a result. The morning was spent tracking the bull for several kilometers before Ross managed a heart/lung shot. We quickly caught up to him after that and gave him 3 finishing shots.

Hippo: easy stalk along the bank in the brush. After we found a spot that we were comfortable shooting the bull from, Ross instructed me on exactly where to shoot the bull. It was a decisive shot and was an instant death.

Croc: three crocs were feeding at a hippo bait that was initially setup for Rick’s croc. Two were identified as trophies, and I shot the older of the 2. Shot placement was perfect.


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