Name CT
Alan Shearing
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Present Safari

Dande - Buffalo


CMS .375 Blazer
Federal Trophy Bonded

PH Comment

CT shot a beautiful 39” Buffalo on day 3 after a long tracking session. We picked up tracks 48 hours old and tracked them and eventually caught up after and exciting wait for the bull to clear. CT made a great shot. Buff went 30 yards. We chased 2 Eland bulls, but they gave us the slip. CT also took a very nice 22” impala. We hunted hyena hard, but got defeated by them.

Client Comment

First 3 days were spent fishing, was a great way to start the trip. Got to see the Zambezi River for first time and caught a few fish which for me, is a small miracle. The hunting came fully up to expectations, getting my first Buffalo after hours of tracking to catch up with the herd. Alan did a 100% job as PH as did Maplan & Martin. Thanks again to all.

- CT, May 2019


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