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Len Taylor
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Elephant Bull

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Dande - Lion & Tuskless



PH Comment

We baited Mkanga River, on the 2nd day we got a Buffalo cow and took it to the Mkanga Valley. On the 9th day we shot a Lion on this bait. We had a bait at Secret Valley, Buffalo Bend, Ward 11 on the Chenge Mouth and Broken Bridge. The only lion to feed was the one we shot. Tuskless was shot on the 4th day, out of 10 elephant, one was tuskless.

When the lion was shot on the 9th day, I had seen his tracks in the river the day we hung the bait. About 6 days into the hunt we moved from Mururu Camp to Mkanga to be better situated for checking baits. I weighed the cat with my digital scale at 430lbs. The skull measured 24”. The lion from my previous hunt weighed in at 456lb and the skull at 26 1/8 “.

There is a group of lion with one young male in the Mkanga Valley. There is also 2 females and one young male at Broken Bridge. Last year, these same lions were at Mururu camp.

It appears there is another male lion around the Mkanga Bridge. I only have evidence from tracks as he never fed. But did see his tracks from the Chenge to around the Mkanga camp.

Then there is 7 more lions around Pedza. We only tracked them as they did not feed.

I was in camp with the tractor and worked a little with the driver on the roads so he knew where needed work.

All the camps were run well and FW was very happy with all. The small skinner Goodfan was excellent as usual.

Client Comment

Another wonderful hunt with CMS and Len. As expected a perfectly executed hunt with a truly professional hunter. Looking forward for another hunt with CMS and Len.

- FW, June 2019


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