Name PL
Buzz Charlton
Previous Safari


Present Safari

Dande - Tuskless & Leopard


.470& .338

PH Comment

My hunt with PL was planned 3 years ago and it was worth the wait. PL is one of the most laid back solid gentlemen that you could wish to hunt with. We had the most amazing luck on our hunt and collected a great bag of fine trophies, thanks to brilliant shooting from PL. of special note was the leopard shot in day 10. He really is a beauty for the Zambezi valley. Also worth noting was PL’s side brain shot on and old tuskless. All in all my team and I had an awesome time with PL and we can’t wait for the return trip.

Client Comment

Buzz, what a great hunt. You are good company in the truck and you really shine in the bush. You’ve put together an amazing team and you should be very proud of them. The best hunt I’ve ever been on that didn’t include my son. Maybe I can get him back here for a hunt. Thanks for the memories.

- PH, Sept 2019


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