Name EA
Keith Wall
Previous Safari


Present Safari

Dande - Tuskless


.470 NE, Kimber .416 Rem

PH Comment

It was EA’s first safari with CMS. We took some amazing trophies during the hunt. We had some great and exciting times, on in particular with the Tuskless. We had another elephant cow charge which we had to shoot in self-defense. What an amazing hunt and look forward to hunting with EA again.

Client Comment

This was my first safari in Africa. I chose CM Safaris because of their excellent reputation in the Safari Industry. The Dande Area was amazing, true wilderness experience, shooting dangerous game, tuskless elephant, buffalo, and plainsgame. It was a trip of a lifetime. The staff at CMS is beyond all expectations. PH Keith and his team kept me safe from an ele charge and put me in many shooting opportunities, 7 animals taken. Will definitely be back again. Thank you so much, will never forget my first hunting safari in Africa.

- EA, October 2019


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