Name BH
Len Taylor
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Present Safari

Dande - Elephant & Buffalo


.458 Lott

PH Comment

5 Ele bulls were tracked a lot in the East. We shot it on the fields early evening on Sunday. Followed up the next day, only to find it dead about 2km from the original shot. We shot the biggest bull out of the 5. We also saw 2 very good buffalo bulls in the East in a small herd. Mover over to Pedza camp to look for buffalo and elephant. Shot a really good buffalo bull near Pedza villages out of a big herd. We also followed many elephants. 4 of the bull we were working on went into Moz. One other bull we followed also went into moz. Saw some other Elephant but just not shooters. One bull we would have shot, but he winded us at the last second.

Client Comment

Thoroughly enjoyed myself, the camps, the staff and Len the PH. Very satisfied. PH is competent and committed and does not quit. Determined to make me successful. Will return for lion.

- BH, August 2019


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