Name JDC
Alan Shearing
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Present Safari

Dande - Double Tuskless


Blazer R8 .375 & Krieghoff .500/.416 NE
Woodleigh 410g solids, Swift A Frame

PH Comment

We had a great hunt. Lots of walking, seeing lots of Elephant (2/3 herds per day). On the 3rd afternoon on a random walk, we found fresh tracks and found a very large mixed group. Eventually saw a big tuskless with no calves and managed to walk up to her with Elephant all around us for a 15/20 yard side brain shot.

Day 4 we spent doing recovery and short bushbuck walk in the afternoon. Day 6 we got a nice klipspringer early in the morning and then a few hours after we found a small herd with a large tuskless, which we managed to get in front of and a perfect side brain shot was made at +/-25 yards. We got a big hyena on the 8th evening after a few other attempts. Bushbuck was our nemesis and although we saw quite a few and hunted them hard we did not managed to get one in the salt. Great time and first class client.
Client Comment

This was a terrific hunt. Alan was not only a superb PH in the field but a gentleman off it. The team, trackers, camp staff, skinners were great. This is wild Africa. The Elephant hunting was miles of walking and stalking. Just what I wanted. The finish was heart pounding. Picked up a nice Klipspringer and Hyena on communal land. Only the Bushbuck eluded us. My nemesis. Thanks to Buzz, Alan, Kay and Kirsty for making this a wonderful hunt. Looking forward to booking my next hunt.

- JDC, July 2019


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