Name EP
Alan Shearing
Previous Safari


Present Safari

Dande - Buffalo


Merkel 470 NE, Rigby 375 H&H

PH Comment

We had a really fun hunt. Day one, we chased 2 herds of buff. Didn’t see any shooters. Day 2, we picked up tracks at Tayanswimbo and followed. We caught up and found a couple of dagga boys at the back of the herd. There was a nice a nice hill to sneak over to about 50m. Had the biggest turn broadside and EP shot him with open sights .470 NE, breaking his front leg. EP put a few more into him as he ran off+/- 100 yards and ran out of steam. We went up and finished him off. Beautiful 41” dagga boy.

The rest of the hunt we looked focused on bushbuck, hyena. Bushbuck we shot on day 5 standing under a sausage tree. We saw him from the top of the cliffs and made a quick scramble to get down to him, where he was still feeding on sausage tree flowers. EP made a great 150 yard shot on him with his .375. we never got a hyena, but had fun trying and settled for a civet cat which came in early on the 2nd sitting. We manage to spend a few hours on the Zambezi river which was great although no tiger was caught. We did have fun catching bait though.

Client Comment

Hunting in the Zambezi Valley was everything I have dreamt of. Hard hot rocky hills to cool green springs in the gullies, the whole experience will stay with me forever. Everything from the camp to the crew was perfect. Tracking buffalo with a double rifle on my shoulder was a dream come true. Together with a bushbuck and a civet it was a very happy and successful week.

Alan, Kay and all the crew treated us like old friends; something I hope to make a reality.

- EP, Sept 2019


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