Name DD
Alan Shearing
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Present Safari

Dande North - Buffalo


Winchester Model 70 .375 H&H
Australian Custom bullets

PH Comment

Great time spent with Danny. Nice dagga boy shot out of a herd on day 4, after a long stalk. Australian custom bullets performed well. All recovered under the skin on the far side.

A good duiker and impala were also taken. We had various opportunities on kudu and bushbuck, but they got the better of us. Danny managed to get a last minute tiger fish (4lbs) which was great way to end the hunt.

Client Comment

Having planned this trip for a few years and having to cancel at the last minute last year its was great to finally arrive in camp to start my dream hunt.

On arrival I was greeted by the camp manager Chooks and was instantly made to feel at home. It was good to have some time to relax and settle into camp after my long journey. My first impressions of camp was WOW, all the facilities were of a high standard and very comfortable which set the scene for my 10 day Buffalo and Plains Game hunt. Camp staff were friendly and very accommodating and the food was of a high standard and I never felt I needed more.

The hunting was hard and hot but very enjoyable and I cannot thank Alan Shearing enough for making this one of the best hunting experiences of my life. We hunted hard from dawn to dusk and got to see allot of game. I was amazed to watch Al and his tracking team, Maplan and Martin follow Buff tracks in country where I could only see a track every 50 yards or so, yet they never failed to catch up to the heard. It was difficult getting in close as the Jess was think and with allot of leaf litter on the ground it made it hard to move quietly but with all these factors at play we still got in close and was able to find my bull and take him on the 4th day. To say I am wrapped with my bull is an understatement, I toughly enjoyed the hunt! I was also able to take a Dukier and Impala during my hunt but the elusive Kudu and Bushbuck proved more difficult to get onto. We did see a few fleeting glimpses of some nice bulls/rams but just could not quite get onto them. This being the case the Kudu and Bushbuck will have to wait for another day and as I said to Al will give me a good excuse to plan my next trip with him and CMS!

I honestly cannot thank Al and his team enough for all their hard work and help securing my trophies, the memories of this hunt will be with me for a lifetime!

I highly recommend CMS as an outfitter, they are professional, honest and are a well organised team.

- DD, Sept 2015



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