Name BF
Myles McCallum
Previous Safari
2007 - Makuti Crocodile
Present Safari

Mozambique - Crocodile


.375 H & H
Trophy bonded bearclaw

PH Comment

A really fun and interesting hunt with Jailbird. We baited and saw over 100 crocodiles. The first 4 days we passed up numerous good crocs hoping for a monster. 5th day saw us stalk and take a good 12.5 foot male croc the ‘proper way’ ie: not bait. Brian made an excellent shot. Brian also managed to even the score with the baboon taking a good old dog.


Client Comment

Had a great hunt for the second time with Myles. We saw numerous crocodiles and took a fine specimen with a spot and stalk, which I favour over a blind. Also successfully hunted a large baboon after a 2 mile stalk. Camp in Mozambique was first class, with excellent food and accommodation. A great hunt

- BF, Oct 2015



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