Name RG & MG
Alan Shearing
Previous Safari

2009 - Tuskless

Present Safari

Dande - Buffalo, tuskless


Woodleigh softs and solids

PH Comment

Such a wonderful couple!! Great 39” buff taken on day 2. Unfortunately tuskless was wounded on day 4, dropped to side brain shot, but recovered and left. Day 8 was redemption day and a 2nd tuskless was perfectly frontal brained at 10 yards. Great hunt, great people



Client Comment

We had a magnificent 14 day hunt. Alan was very skillful at tracking and finding the game. After filling the buffalo and elephant tags, Alan worked tirelessly in making sure every day was an adventure in seeing lots of game and identifying birds for our bird list. Alan was an expert on all aspects of nature. We learned so much from him. The whole CMS team went out of their way to celebrate birthdays and provide a grand closure to our visit. It was the trip of a lifetime. Many thanks!

- RG, Aug 2015



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