Name PL
Alan Shearing
Previous Safari

3 - Buffalo, Tuskless

Present Safari

Dande North - Buffalo, tuskless


Heym 470 Double, Blazer R98, .416 Rem

PH Comment

Another great hunt with Petr. On day 4 Petr shot a beautiful old dagga boy after following him the day before and bumping him a few times. He was hot early morning, feeding at a big river bank. After the first shot with 416 Rem he toppled head first into the river bed and Petr changed his 416 for his double and finished the kill. He only managed to make a few steps forward before collapsing in the middle of the river. After looking at lots of cows and seeing a couple of tuskless cows, but not being able to get a shot, we took a late afternoon walk and came across a herd. There was a mature tuskless on her own, a little way behind the herd, which gave us the ideal opportunity. Petr took her on a frontal brain at 10 yards. A warthog, bushpig, zebra and a baboon were also taken


Client Comment

Just another exceptional hunt with CMS. Thanks Alan and his team for the amazing trophies we took. Looking forward to coming back.

- PL, Aug 2015



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