Name PL & JL
Alan Shearing
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Present Safari

Dande Sarai Area - Double Buffalo & Double Tuskless


470 heym, 416 Blazer

PH Comment

Day 1 started with a 14 ½” warthog early in the morning whilst on tracks of a herd of elephant. We then saw 2 herds of cows, no Tuskless, then followed another herd which smelt us and ran away.

Day 2 tracked on herd, which scented us and ran off, then tracked another herd, which had a Tuskless, but smelled us on final approach and ran off. We followed the same herd but the Tuskless had left. We found a big herd at last light, and shot a big Tuskless.

Day 3 we did the recovery, and then driving back to camp we heard some elephant, so went and had a look. There were more than 30 cows and 2 tuskless (both being a bit on the small side, but decided to take one as we were under time pressure). Both Tuskless were well brain shot, all bullets exited.

Day 4 a big baboon was taken and then on day 6 a 39” buffalo was taken from a group of 3 bulls by Petr. Then on day 7 we found a herd of buffalo with a dagga boy in it, and were on sticks a lot, but had a clear shot did not present.

Early on day 8 we got back on the same herd which had joined up with a large herd (+/-250 buff) and after various attempts to get a clear shot one was finally presented and the shot was taken. The buffalo’s front leg was broken, and after a follow up of +/-1km he was finished off. All in all a truly successful, short hunt. Great to have Petr & Jaromir back with us again!


Client Comment

to come

- PL, Oct 2016



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