Name RD
Alan Shearing
Previous Safari

2013 - Double Tuskless

Present Safari

Dande - Tuskless & Buffalo


Krieghoff .470NE

PH Comment

Ralph took his first tuskless on day 1 with a perfect frontal brain shot at 20 yards. His second Tuskless was take 5 days later with a perfect side brain at 15 yards. Very old Tuskless. Sadly Ralph’s buff/dagga boy was wounded and lost – open sights at +/-60yards. Credit to Ralph for pushing himself beyond his comfort zone with his walking and for 4 tuskless in a row all perfectly brain shot. Ralph is predominantly a bird shooter and has lived his dream by hunting elephant. Cheerful and never short of a story or joke. I look forward to seeing him in the future.

Client Comment

to come

- RD, September 2016



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