Name George & Theresa DB
Buzz Charlton
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Dande North - Buffalo

PH Comment

This was my first hunt with George and Theresa. It was a fantastic time despite myself being sick(malaria) for 2 days and George also being sick from a reaction to Doxi. We looked at many elephant bulls but did not find one that either myself or George wanted to shoot. I really appreciated George having hunting ethics and morals and the fact that he was happy to hunt elephant and not shoot one just for the sake of killing an elephant. A true hunter. George did get a beautiful old buffalo perfectly shot with his .404 and an old duiker. Theresa definitely rates as the top observer. She was always fun and smiling despite the many miles of Jesse walking. I look forward to having George and Theresa back to finish the job.


Client Comment

We had a great time. Buzz is wonderful to hunt with and his team is the best. They all worked very hard to find an elephant bull for me to shoot but the many we tracked just came up a bit too light. The buffalo was exactly what we wanted and the duiker was a wonderful surprise. Justin is the best. Not only was the hunting team great, but also the camp staff. It made the long days not so long when we came back to good food, clean quarters and clothes, and above all else friendly, smiling faces. All in all, this was a fantastic adventure. Thank you.

- George, May 2014



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