Name Rudie & Ruan de Wet
Alan Shearing
Previous Safari


Present Safari

Dande - Buffalo


Sauer 416 Rem, Blazer 243
Federal Cape shock/Barnes X

PH Comment

Ruan (15yrs old) shot a beautiful 40” dagga boy on day 5. Bush was very thick and we struggled for the first few days. Buffalo was shot at +/-90 yards slightly quartering away. Hit just behind the shoulder, another two shots hit before the buff disappeared. Buff went +/-100yards and died. Bullets performed perfectly. A baboon and a nice klipspinger and hyena were taken with 243 Win. Ruan is a great shot.



Client Comment

It was a very enjoyable hunt with Alan and his team. Alan and his trackers are professional, myself being exposed to big game hunting for the last 35 years can testify to the above. Ruan also enjoyed his first buffalo hunt. The camp and food was good. Thanks a lot!

- Rudie, May 2014



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