Name Giovanni M
Rich Tabor
Previous Safari

2013 - Tuskless/Leopard

Present Safari

Chewore South - tuskless, buffalo


Swift A-frames/Woodleigh

PH Comment

2 tuskless, buffalo bull, waterbuck, hyena and a baboon. Tuskless was for bait on lion so got them early in the hunt, both good and then we got a good buffalo bull, an old 40” dagga boy. Hyena and waterbuck we got on our bait checking rout. With the lion we hung 20 pieces of meat in 30 different baiting sites with 5 males on bait and 32 lionesses and 4 large male leopards. But unfortunately the 5 male lions were too young to shoot, so we left them to hopefully get old. A long hunt with lots of driving involved with baiting some good animals taken and I hope to be able to hunt with Giovanni again in the future.


Client Comment

The team worked very hard and spared no effort, excellent service over al. unfortunately we did not see any mature lion, the oldest male we saw was possibly 2 years old. In my opinion the area has been over hunted as far as lion is concerned and the current “malpractice” of shooting very young lions will seriously compromise the future for lion growth. Saw many lionesses, maybe too many and they should be hunted. We spent great majority of our time driving, setting up and checking baits. It has been disappointing and frustrating to spend 21 days this way and not see any mature or somewhat mature lion.

It was represented to me that this area was one of the best for lion with mature and very mature lions.I would have expected a more thorough due diligence before committing me to a large expenditure and great deal of time loss and frustration.

- Giovanni, Aug 2014



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