Name Jonathan C
Blake Wilhelmi
Previous Safari


Present Safari

Dande North - Double Buffalo


Winchester M70 .375
Woodleigh Weld Core 350gr

PH Comment

Great 14 days down in Mukanga camp. Jonathan bagged a lovely 40 inch buffalo bull and a second brute of a buffalo by day 8. We then had the pleasure and joy of hunting a few other species. Taking hyena, civet, Honey badger, impala and a duiker. Thant to Jonathan, great experience in being able to do the extra distance on foot to find your trophies.


Client Comment

I’m not sure how to summarize an experience of a lifetime in a quip. If you haven’t done a safari, do one. If you’ve done a safari, you will do another. Especially with the excellent service and facilities at Charlton McCallum Safaris. I’m so glad my first safari was with you. Thanks for the spectacular memories.

- Jonathan, June 2014



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