Name Doug C
Blake Wilhelmi
Previous Safari


Present Safari

Dande North - Double Buffalo/ Hippo


.450/400 NE & 375
Hornady softs & solids

PH Comment

The hunt started quickly on the first day and hour of daylight. We got on to a nice group of buffalo. Doug had a 50 yard shot with his double and a few follow ups with great shot placement and shooting. We then opted to go look for hippo. We did the cultural tour with all the local folks farming nearby. The hippo made it challenging to get a well placed shot. So by the 4th day we bagged a hippo in the east.

We then focused on sable for a few days. Wind was not in our favour. Had a close encounter with a nice old bull. But we did not manage to connect. Doug opted to go for a 2nd buffalo, having two days left. We had a great tracking session and caught up to a small group of buffalo. A leopard crawl stalk gutting us to 50 yards, we had a lovely old bull in sight, waiting for them to stand to get a shot. Patience paid off and Doug bagged his 2nd buffalo.

We then decided to spend the last day on the Zambezi River fishing and looking for crocodile. Being too windy for fishing we baited for crocodile and bagged a nice 12ft croc. Great hunt and thanks to Doug and the team for an excellent safari and end result.


Client Comment

The hunt was challenging but very genuine. Blake is a very disciplined and skilled hunter/PH. His attitude is positive and encouraging. The camps were comfortable, the food good, the staff pleasant and capable. CMS is well organized and client focused.

- Doug, May 2014



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