Name Casey & Dave T
Rich Tabor
Previous Safari

Makuti - 2011

Present Safari

Dande Safari Area - Double Buffalo & Tuskless


.416 Rigby, 458 Win Mag
Barnes 300 grain & stock 480g Woodleigh

PH Comment

Second time to hunt with Casey and first time to meet Dave. The plan was for 2 buffalo bulls and a tuskless and whatever else we saw. Day one chased zebra, saw sable in the morning, in the afternoon we followed two herds of buffalo but the jesse was too thick to see anything. Later that day we got on to a herd of elephant cows and Dave got his tuskless with a perfect frontal, a good way to start the safari. Day 2 – Recovery and hung hyena bait and later on followed a dagga boy but no luck. Got on to another buffalo herd and Dave got a nice solid bossed 37” bull taken with the 416 open sights.

Days 3-7 were spent tracking buffalo, passing down a few bulls. Dave also got an impala going 20” open sight shot as well. Day 8 early morning on to a herd of buffalo, 40 minutes tracking job, got up nice and close and Dave got his second buffalo 40” solid boss bull. On recovery found that the bull had a few chunks of lead in him from muzzle loaders.

Day 9-10 we tracked up zebra & sable and did some calling for hyena. Day 11 Casey shot a nice zebra after a 2 hour tracking job. Day 12-13 hung more bait for hyena, did a few short walks for sable and some more calling for hyena. Dave bagged himself a sod of a hyena. Good exciting night with an 18” skull.

Day 14 chilled out. A great hunt to start the season with good friends. Thanks Casey & Dave.

If you would like to help prevent other buffalo being wounded by poachers, please support DAPU.


Client Comment

Excellent hunt with Rich and the CM bunch. Exceeded all expectations for me and my son. 



- Casey, March 2014



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