Name David & James A
Buzz Charlton
Previous Safari

Ele/Buff/Lion & leopard - Dande 2014

Present Safari

Ngamo - Elephant Bull



PH Comment

This was Dave’s second hunt with us for the year. Unfortunately James could not join us as he had started college. We came to Kazuma intending to have a quality double elephant bull hunt, which is exactly what we got. On the 4th day Dave shot a beautiful 55lb bull at about 20 yards with a perfect side brain shot. We then continued tracking and looking at over 150 big bodied bulls which was the most exciting experience ever. We did see a 60lbs bull which we turned down in a bid for better which never happened. However we are all so privileged to have been able to hunt and see so many amazing bulls. It was such a pleasure to hunt with Dave who must be the most relaxed client to hunt with who enjoys hunting hard, which is what we did. We walked about 300kms in our 15day hunt. I really look forward to guiding Dave again for these big bulls.


Client Comment

This was an exceptional hunt. Buzz and crew worked diligently and effectively. We took a 55lb bull on the 4th day of the hunt and ended up tracking and looking at well over 150 elephant bulls. Every detail of the safari was handled perfectly by Buzz and staff. I sincerely appreciate the effort put forth. I will always look back on this safari with the fondest memories. What a pleasure to hunt with a true professional. I can’t wait until I have the opportunity to spend time on safari with Buzz and his team again.

- David, Nov 2014



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