Name David & James A
Alan Shearing
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Present Safari

Dande - Double Elephant, leopard & lion


Heym.470, Heym 450, 416 Rigby, Blaser R8, 375 H&H
Barnes, hornady and Norma

PH Comment

What a great hunt and great people. Had a slow start, but things picked up and we started getting the main species one at a time. Dave got a big bodied lion on the 15th day just before dark. James got his ele bull on day 13. Then Dave got his ele bull on day 17. James got his leopard on the morning of day 20. Dave got a buff on day 7.

The Boyle’s (friends of Dave) spent 10 days in the middle of the hunt, and they were a great help with baits as well as entertaining. We saw some interesting things, caracal and cubs, leopard during the day, another lion male that we turned down earlier in the hunt, porcupine and lots of snakes.

We spent the last few days trying to get a buff for James, but although we had a few brief chances we failed miserably. On the last day James decided he would rather have a baboon than a buff. So we went out and got him a big baboon, then managed to get Dave a good bushbuck too. All in all a great hunt and I think a good end result.


Client Comment

This was a fantastic safari. My son and I each took our first elephant along with lion and leopard. Hunting with Alan was a pleasure. He is a professional hunter in every way. We can’t wait for the opportunity to hunt with Al and his team again. The whole CMS team made sure every detail was handled properly. We could not have asked for any more.

- David, July 2014



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