Name Mike C
Alan Shearing
Previous Safari


Present Safari

Chewore - Tuskless


Ruger 416
Hornady factory solids

PH Comment

On day 1 we picked up tracks of a fairly big herd of elephant cows at around 10am. We followed and caught them in some thick jesse along the Chenje River. There was a tuskless among them and so we tried to get closer. They were acting a bit nervous and alert, so we kept moving with them. The matriarch then turned and hid behind a bush. We could not see her at this stage, but knew she was still there. A minute later we herd thud, thud, thud of her charging towards us, then trees crashing and then she burst through the bush in front of us and I shot her at 4 yards. She staggered as my shot was a bit low, Mike and I hit her again and she went down. All happened in seconds.

On day 4, Mike got his tuskless, frontal (slightly) high, knocked her down and then put a few body/hip shot in. she did get up and run a bit but went down at +/-100 yards away. We did spend a couple of days looking for eland, but nothing suitable was found.


Client Comment

Enjoyed another exciting tuskless hunt with PH Alan Shearing and a heart stopping charge stopped at 4 yards. Well done Alan. My wife thanks you, at least I hope so.

- Mike, May 2014



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