Name Alex D
Buzz Charlton
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Present Safari

Dande North - Elephant Bull


Winchester 375
Woodleigh Solids

PH Comment

My first hunt of the season has come and gone and I could not have wished to share it with a nicer person then Alex who is a true gentleman and an avid hunter! The bush was super thick due to long and late rains which meant that a number of times we were mere meters away from ele bulls without being able to get a look at their ivory! Early season ele hunting certainly is not for the faint hearted on day 7 Alex was to learn how quickly things can turn pear shaped - we had chased a bull for about 8 hours before finally catching him. He was in full must and had inferior tusks. When we caught him he was on the other side of a river and we were in the river bed. I luckily mentioned to everyone that if things turned nasty to scamper up the bank as he was listening for us. At that he raced down the bank and covered 40 yards in 3 seconds flat (timed on video) we all made it up the bank but the bull also did and I had to shoot it 3 yards from us.

The next day we followed 3 bulls from the villages and after 3 hours caught up to them in super thick bush and we decided to take one of them that had nice long thin ivory. Alex wanted to go for a heart shot and unfortunately the bullet hit a twig and deflected hitting the bull high which resulted in us following him till sun down and continuing the next day when we caught him at about 8 and Alex finished the job and had himself a beautiful bull


Client Comment

A fantastic experience from beginning to end. Excellent camps, professional staff, and an outstanding area to hunt. Out of 3 other hunts that I have experienced in Africa, this was by far the best. If you are looking for a traditional hunt, on foot, for a trophy elephant, this is the place to be.


- Alex, March 2014



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