Name Jan de Wet
Blake Wilhelmi
Previous Safari


Present Safari

Dande - Double Buffalo


416 Rem Mag, Blazer R8
Swift A Frames, Barnes X

PH Comment

The first 6 days were spent hunting buffalo. Being early season still, it put us in close proximity of the buffalo in the dense bush. On day 3 we had an excellent bull at 60m in the open and contact was made. Unfortunately we lost the bull with blood stopping and plenty disturbance from the buffalo tracks so we lost and wounded the first bull.

We then came right with our second bull in day 6 with some good shooting by the lads, making sure it did not get away this time. Then in search of klipspringer and hyena keeping us busy for the remaining days


Client Comment

Very professional PH and great knowledge of the bush, and we had a good time.

- Jan, May 2014



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