Name Zdenek Sedmik & Petr Holoubek
Alan Shearing
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Dande North - Double Elephant Bull


470 NE (Krieghoff) Double, Blaser 375 H&H

PH Comment

This was a tough hunt! Lots and lots of elephant cows around, which made it difficult to follow bulls. We saw a lot of young bulls, but struggled to find any big tracks. A few larger ones came from Mozambique but went straight back. Eventually on day 8 we found a bull that Zdenek wanted. Not particularly heavy but pretty ivory and upon Zdenek’s insistence he shot it, frontal at 12 yards with his Krieghoff.

We then found a decent track which took us in and out of a cow herd of +/-100 elephant. We kept losing him as we eventually got winded and the bush erupted. This went on for a few days until the last day. We happened to drive into the big herd which created pandemonium!!! I managed to get a glimpse of the bull and saw that he had only one tusk of about 40lbs. We then circled round to get the wind right and had the herd feeding towards us. By pure luck the bull was spotted and Petr put him down with his Blaser for a photo finish. We averaged 20km per day on foot, all in all a good hunt. Interesting animals see- serval, bushbpigs, lion tracks and roan.


Client Comment

As usual, an outstanding hunt with CM Safaris. Alan is a first class PH and we are looking forward to our next hunt.


- Zdenek, March 2014



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