Name Chris J
Rich Tabor
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Dande North - Buffalo


Verney Caron 375 Flanged

PH Comment

Lots of walking involved on this hunt. Hot days saw a few dagga boys, at first we passed on them then day 6 Chris bagged a nice dagga boy out of a herd of 7 bulls. Ele hunt was exciting running up behind a cow, she turned and a full charge. Chris put her down at 6 paces. Exciting stuff. Rest of the time was spent going after the grey ghost but no luck. Chris I hope to hunt with you again soon, thanks for coming out.


Client Comment

Excellent camp. Awesome hunt don’t eh right way. All staff very professional. Really impressive seeing Rich and the team putting in and getting the results. Very big thank you to everyone at CM Safaris.


- Chris, Sept 2014



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