Name Sergey Zverev
Alan Shearing
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Present Safari

Dande - Buffalo Bull


.416 Rigby Christensens Arms/Morkel .470 NE

PH Comment

10 days we spent hunting in the DSA. Ele bull activity was very slow, although we did see lots of cow sign and young bull. We looked at a group of 8 bulls early in the hunt, but no shooters. We got on a nice old dagga boy on day 9. We then moved to Chewore South for the remaining 3 days. No luck there again, lots of cows but not a lot of bull movement. There were a couple of decent tracks, but never really found fresh enough to follow, except one near Mana Angwa, but were messed up with cows and wind.

Sergey worked really hard, put in a lot of effort, but unfortunately we just had no luck. The weather was terribly hot and windy most days and nights. Early mornings and late evenings were the order of things. Sergey is a true gentleman, even after being stung twice on the head by scorpion.


Client Comment

It was a great experience to hunt here with Alan. We did a lot of work and I had a great time. We were a bit unsuccessful with the elephant but this is hunting. Thanks very much Alan is a fantastic PH and his team is great. Camps and staff were very good.

- Sergey, Oct 2014



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