Name Clint W
Alan Shearing
Previous Safari


Present Safari

Dande - Buffalo / Tuskless


Custom Wiebe Mauser 450 Rigby
Northfork soft and solid

PH Comment

Day one, we followed 3 dagga boys, bumped them a couple of times in very thick jesse, came to an opening late afternoon and one good bull was standing +/-150 yards quartering on the shot went a bit low as we did not realize the distance, wounding it in the legs. We followed it for a day and a half and eventually killed it at midday. Tuskless was shot on day 5, a frontal at +/-10 yards. Perfect brain shot. There were +/-100 elephant. We saw on one walk on the Kamzidzi, 2 leopard, bushbuck, warthog, grysbok, 4 wild dogs and baboons.

We then tried for a leopard that was feeding on Blake’s hyena bait. It came in the morning and Clint had a shot at it. Unfortunately he missed due to a fault with his Swarovski scope/mounts. We tried the next evening and morning, without luck.

On the last afternoon we walked the Kamzidzi. Towards the end of our walk we flushed a 16” bushbuck which ran into two wild dogs, which chased it back down into the river bed giving us the chance to shoot it. Wild experience.



Client Comment

to come

- Clint, Sept 2014



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