Name Tyler S
Rich Tabor
Previous Safari

2013 Buffalo bull - Dande

Present Safari

Dande North - Leopard/Sable


.375 Bruno CZ
270 grain Woodleigh softs

PH Comment

A good successful hunt. On day 5 Tyler got a big male leopard at 5:40 am, taking him with a perfect shot at the base of the bait tree. Well worth the hard work putting baits off the beaten track and baiting in new areas. Day 10, Tyler got his sable with a 7 hour tracking session, an amazing job by the guys. Rest of the hunt was spent calling hyenas, looking for grysbok and waterbuck with the last day relaxing during the morning with more hyena calling in the evening. A good hunt. Tyler I’m sure we’ll hunt together again soon



Client Comment

Fabulous hunt. Rich is the cat guy.

- Tyler, May 2014



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